Monday, June 25, 2007


Enclosed please find a picture of one of our birds, all grown up. He sat at the edge of that bucket all night -- and you can't blame him for being a tad concerned about actually leaving, after what happened to his brother. In the morning he was still there, on the other side of the bucket. Ten minutes later when we looked again, he was gone.

I do not know if he was Benedict, McMuffin, Shelly or Omelet. Birds tend to look the same. But he was the only one of my little chicks to survive. The others died in the nest. I have no idea why.

So, good luck, my little survivor bird!

Nature is cruel. Look what it's done with my ass. But I have to tell you I would welcome a nest all over again. I can imagine that in our new house in North Carolina there will be plenty of opportunity for nest action.
And hey, did you notice that we saved more money, even though Marvin was not technically employed all month? (He has actually been subbing quite a bit, but hasn't been paid yet.) Despite this, I still managed to sock away around $900 total for June, bringing our stellar savings to $17,000 in six months. Man.

Completely unrelatedly, I really do have to spring for some unmentionables, which I am gonna go ahead and mention. Cause I'm crazy that way. Stop me.

Beleaguered Office Mate once pointed out something brilliant. Did you ever notice that people who announce how fun and crazy they are really never are? "Oh, this accounting department is crazy. We have some fun here. Especially at tax time." Kind of like how people who are rich never really mention it. And how tasteful people don't go telling nine thousand strangers that they need new underpants. Or underpantchs, as I spelled it on my Christmas list in 1972 (my grandmother saved it) (and by the way, mom, nice manipulation. "Tell Grammy you want underpants!" Cause that's what every 7-year-old wants).

When I finally spring for said chones (see how bilingual I've gotten living in LA?) I will be sure to tell you all about it, in great detail. Color, style, maybe even a photo essay.

Before I sign off, I did want to plug one of the blogs on my list: The Hawaiian O'Brien. Dan and Renee are good friends of ours and they are selling everything except for their child and they are moving to Maui. No, they are not rich. (Unless they are doing the we're-rich-so-we-don't-really-talk-about-it thing I mentioned. But I don't think so.) Their blog is going to keep us posted on what it's gonna be like to actually make your lifelong wish come true.

You know, like how you wish for underpants when you're seven.


sabrina duncan said...

So is that your house? Why is there a picture of a house with no mention that it is indeed your new house? Are we to infer that it is your house? Because I can't infer after about 5pm.

So where will we all go while kelly and I are visiting? Something tells me there's not another grave for Andy Gibb in the vicinity.

June Cutoff Cash said...

The part where I say "at our new house in North Carolina" and then show a picture, I thought, pretty much summed it up.

I thought Sabrina Duncan was the smart Angel.

Kellie said...

Look at all the North Carolina loveliness!

Being the amazing bird raiser that you are, you will do well in NC. There are also deer that made my yard their home. And squirrels and chipmunks. There were even moles. Which I have to say I didn't enjoy because they eat up your garden. But I had this very sick satisfaction that came with complaining about the moles in my's just so Southern. And the spring-time! I am so sad that you have to wait 9 months before spring! But that's OK, because you have the fall coming...and THAT is amazing too.

OH! and also you'll need to learn how to use the phrase "might could" and learn that Fireflies are called lightnin' bugs (and that's how they spell it, lightnin', not lightening).

It's a magical place I tell you.

OK. I'm done.


June Cutoff Cash said...

I am standing here beside myself at the thought of deer in my yard. I will never be sad again. Oh! This is exciting.

Anonymous said...

Better deer in the yard then on the fender of your car--drive very carefully.

Nancy said...

I think you need to get some Sparkly Roseblossom underpantchs

Kelly Garrett said...

I knew it was your house. I guess I'm more than a just a pretty face after all!

Anonymous said...

You are SO funny! I laughed aloud when I read what you said about nature and your behind. The same could be said of me and my behind! I'm thinking you will love your adventure in NC.