Monday, June 18, 2007

One of my birds died.

I know I am supposed to talk about my quitting my job and my hair and our move and our lives, but when I got home tonight I did what I always do, which is go to the back porch and look at my nest. When I got there, one of the baby birds was on the ground, dead.

Online it says when the birds get bigger they get too crowded in their little homes and sometimes they jump out before they can fly. I noticed this morning that they were moving around a lot in there.

If I just would have looked this up this morning. If I just would have known this could happen, I could have put something soft there and he wouldn't have landed on our cement porch. Usually birds land on the grass, so they live. I hope his death was quick.

We put blankets under the nest so if anyone else jumps, now they will land softly. Then I dug a little grave next to my lavender plant. Marvin and I put him in there and I told him how much I loved his little bird self. He was two weeks old today.

I covered his grave with lavender blossoms.


Anonymous said...

Oh, poor little birdie! I am so glad you gave him a proper burial, bless his little birdie heart.
Very exciting/scary about your move! Remember, change is hard, but change can be good, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this was too sad! I am actually very moved by this, surprisingly.

Surprising that I am moved by something? Or surprising that I am moved by an animal?

You be the judge...


Hawaiian OBrien said...

June... you and Marvin get to do the flying that your young bird was not quite ready for. It's time to spread your own wings, and live dammit! Here's to going forward with the spirit of reckless abandon that the young chick had.

Congrats to both of you for making a change. From here on out, things will be brighter.

Anonymous said...

Wish I had written that comment from Hawaiian Obrien myself. Very heartfelt and my exact sentiments

Anonymous said...

I totally teared up reading this just now.