Saturday, May 26, 2007

At this point we could make a quiche

Now, I know this blog is supposed to be about our growing nest egg, but this is ridiculous. Now there are FOUR eggs. I am sure the mom bird, who is never giving me an exasperated look when I walk onto the back porch, at any rate, is thrilled with me continuously photographing her nest. She must feel like Angelina Jolie.

Anyway, meet McMuffin, the Scottish bird. He joins Omelet, Shelly and Benedict in our pail hanging from our back porch.

I was even geeky enough to do some research online, and I have pretty much figured out that these are California Towhees. Here is a fact that you will not find fascinating: did you know that different KINDS of birds build different KINDS of nests? Some add junk and paper to their nest, some build really tidy ones, some build them low to the ground, and SOME birds, like the California Towhee, add mammal fur to their nest, which is part of how I figured out what kind of bird we had. I have mentioned before that this nest included German shepherd hair from the dogs next door. Keep up. Do you have any idea how hard to is to keep writing "nest" and "next" and not screw it up?

In other news, and I'll bet you were sick and tired of waiting for any other news besides those baby birds,who I love more than life itself even tho they are not yet born, yesterday at work, we got let out at 1:00.

I stayed till 5:30. Well, sue me. There was a lot to do. Beleaguered office mate has been out for six weeks with a herniated disk and I have been holding the bag. Which really gets inconvenient, trying to do your work and hold a bag of herniated disks at the same time. ANYWAY, one of the other I-am-staying-late-even-though-it's-a-holiday-weekend geeks, who is a good friend of mine at work, said, "June, do you have any food? Cause I have a ton in the fridge." I told her I was fine with food, but I was dying of thrist. This is a problem when you aren't spending, although my plan was to just go to the water cooler. But I was really hankering for a Coke or something. My coworker said, "Why don't you just go to the free soda fountain?"

Okay. I have worked at my job for FIFTEEN MONTHS. I had NO IDEA there was a free fountain thingie downstairs that had Coke, Root Beer, lemonade and other fancy drinks. Some of our department work down there, so it's not like I am never downstairs. Seriously. Next thing I'll find out we have free yoga, too. (That is an inside joke for my coworkers. We DO have free yoga. Get it? Get my hilarity? Whoo!)

I have to get ready now, as I am meeting that old friend from college today. Now, here is a time that not spending kind of sucks. The last time she saw me I was maybe 28 and still cute. I am just saying, it would be nice if I could have picked up a spiffy new shirt or something. As it is, I am wearing my white tank that I have worn 7,895 times before. Not that she would know this, but it is the IDEA. I am sure many women out there are feeling me on this.

And do not fret, if there is a fifth egg, you will be the first to know.


Anonymous said...

some birds build leks which they use to impress birds of the opposite gender in attempts to mate with them, sometimes the birds do a little dance as well!

i'm not lisa said...

Hello June. I hope the kitties are not lined up at the door with salt and pepper shakers in their paws.

Oh. You're flamingo picture is very nice and will be on it's way on Tuesday. She even made you a flower picture as a bonus.

sabrina duncan said...

Remember how we would agonize about whether Walt would let us out early? Now you get out early and then stay for HOURS longer? I would have been out that door at 12:50. ooooh, Dutchie-Pan is telling Rylander about me right now!