Monday, February 19, 2007

Things that are on my mind

1. I am worried about Britney Spears. I have never even LIKED Britney Spears --actually that's not true. In about the year 2000, she did some dance in a nude sparkly body suit and she had a snake. For just that day, I wished I looked like her. But I felt sorry for the snake. He must have been scared to death.

Anyway, my mother is a therapist, and she says shaving your head, as Britney did this weekend, is often a sign that someone is about to commit suicide. And she looks so PUFFY and PALE. Britney, not my mother. Anyway, I worry.

2. I went to the grocery store yesterday and was tempted by all sorts of against-the-rules items. Hot chocolate-flavored Pop Tarts; the Revlon lipsticks, which I am usually too big of a makeup snob to really consider; Rubbermaid containers. I think it's cause we are doing so well with saving. I had no idea we could save this much. So I kind of have in the back of my mind, "Oh, you're doing fine. You can buy a box of hot chocolate-flavored Pop Tarts." But, I didn't.

3. I feel pressure to put people in my blog. Everything I do now, people say, "Are you gonna blog about this? What should my blog name be?" Then I feel like a selfish jerk if I do not blog about them.

That said, I got taken to a fun lunch today by some lovely coworkers, Mrs. Jack Sprat and her charming sidekick, Summer. They honestly did not pressure me to mention them, I swear. We had barbecue. mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm.

4. A bunch of us walked to Starbucks today, in the rain. Our boss felt sorry for us cause we had to work on Presidents Day, so he bought us all coffee (and I think I am correct that there is no apostrophe in this particular holiday, like Grandparents Day. It pains me to do it wrong, but it is technically right).

Anyway, a woman at Starbucks had this sort of cloth, front-loading baby backpack (frontpack?), but upon first glance she just looked like someone with ENORMOUS breasts. I felt bad when I realized it was a baby and not a freakishly busty woman. Someone from work told me I need to get out more often, as I am clearly hallucinating.

I said one thought I had was to just drive to various neighborhoods and study people, then come home and blog about who I saw. Someone suggested I get on the train to do this, but that costs. She said I could write to the City to see if they would give me a free pass. I will do this and see if it works. What the hay?

5. I had a dinner party on Friday and I realize that (a) I now wear aprons a lot and (b) the hardest part about cooking is the timing. Potatoes boil whenever they FEEL like it, don't they?

6. Marvin Gardens DID have the day off, and he looked at apartments near my job that were the same price as our house and he got depressed, then he looked at a $2100 apartment that is really cute but decided we shouldn't spend that much.

So my commute continues. But it was quick today, cause we were the only company in America that was open on Presidents-no-apostrophe Day.


jtcosby said...

You make me smile. I am working my way to being as motivated as you are...I am so impressed by what you are doing. It is so cool! Thanks for your personality...btw, my parents just got an apartment in the city because my mom was going insane with the commute...they are (at this time) keeping their house for the weekends...I do believe they are insane...but you can't live someone else's life for them. Is there an apostrophe in that one? UGH! I always worry about grammar and spelling, I start getting stressed. That would explain the..........'s. I love to ... :)

MAID of honor said...

If your mother is right about Brit and I lose both ANS and Brit in the same month, it would just ruin my sabbatical (my new term for unemployment).

Uncle Omar said...

Actually (pause) I think it is properly Presidents' Day, if only because it's a combination of Lincoln's Birthday and Washington's Birthday. But, then, I am infamous for comma splices, so what would I know about apostriphization?

June Cutoff Cash said...

No, Uncle O. The fact that there are two presidents being honored is not the point. That would only serve as an argument for whether it would be President's or Presidents'.

The POINT is that the day BELONGS to these two presidents, so the possessive Presidents' would be correct.

However, my job involves checking these holidays for the correct spelling and punctuation, and it really is Presidents Day. Sadly.

iain said...
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sabrina duncan said...

I say move. Because we need there to be no sand you-know-where when you are asked to commute on the weekend. Then you would not miss a lovely brunch complete with a grandma sighting!

sabrina duncan said...

And I just realized I commented on the moving post when really I should have commented on Britney here. Britney leaves me speechless. Someone needs to do an intervention for those unfortunate children. Does she have a dog? I really hope she doesn't shave the poor dog too.

Kelly Garrett said...

I wish I had known you wanted to move could have moved into Grandma's building and we could have been neighbors...God Dammit! Now I have sand in my you know what.

June Cutoff Cash said...

You angels get a lot of sand. Stop squatting during beach volleyball or whatever.

Peppy Whitemore said...

For the love of God, send me your address and I'll get a care package of hot chocolate-flavored poptarts out to you straight away. As well as some non-doll sented deodorant.

Rosie Papaya said...

I know you're right about Presidents Day, but can you explain it to me?

Misc Amy said...

You know, I have to say that I was quite flattered that my initials were mentioned once upon a time in your blog.
If you get that free metro day pass from the city, I'm definitely up for a ride-along. On March 1st, I go back to being a mass transport minion as a preemptive strike to prolong the life of Bucky “The Dollar Wonder Car”.
I actually recommend the metro over the bus. Better lighting, art installations at each stop, and less motion sickness. You could actually write in the moment! Why wait until you come home to share the insight and snarkiness with your people?