Sunday, February 18, 2007

After all that complaining about where I live yesterday...

...I went outside this February morning and my irises are blooming in the front yard, the bougainvillea has purple blossoms in the back and there were about 70 million birds chirping. I had on my jean jacket and it felt too warm to have on.

So I sat in the sun on the front porch, with Winston rolling on his back next to me and I thought, "Oh yeah, THIS is why I put up with this city."


Anonymous said...

sure...make us jealous

Marvelous Marv said...

I love him.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think you were complaining about where you live so much as you were complaining about the terrible commute. That still exists. And the fact that you can't walk to restaurants, etc.

Your yard sounds lovely. Right now I'm looking at gray sky and barren trees and icy sidewalks. I'm not jealous AT ALL!!

Jenn said...

Irises? Chriping Birds? Warm sun? How lovely......I am longing for spring.

If I were to choose to sit out on my front porch (which I don't have so, deck) I would be wearing my winter jacket, mitts, something to cover my ears and perhaps some boots if I were planning to sit for a while. I would be listening to the wind and looking at the large amounts of snow. We have the lovely temperature of about 10 degrees F. This is actually quite warm for us right now. A couple of weeks ago we were enjoying -22 F.

Ah, life on the Canadian prairies.

Don't worry, we have hot summers, it's not all bad!

But, I am happy to hear that you have such a glorious day to enjoy! :)

dcrmom said...

I think I might just HATE you right now. *shivering in a wool turtleneck in PA*