Saturday, January 20, 2007

How I am Losing Friends and Badly Influencing People

There is a woman at work who just started reading my blog. I will call her, ummmm, Mrs. Jack Sprat. And by that I do not mean that she can eat no lean. She is actually quite lean.

Anyway, after reading about me being electronically mugged (see my previous blog), she decided to go online and view her OWN checking account. (She could have looked at my checking account. Everybody else apparently is.)

She was horrified. There was a MCDONALD'S charge on her account! Now, I mentioned she is lean. She does not frequent McDonald's (and for those of you who can freely spend, I implore you, go eat at McDonald's for me. Please. I am craving it so badly that I am thinking of moving to McDonaldland and working on the "Re-elect Mayor McCheese" campaign).

So, she called her husband, Mr. Jack Sprat, even though she knew perfectly well he is a staunchly healthy eater and a bit of a food snob. In a million years he would not eat at McDonald's. (And again, can I express to you enough how much I am craving the McDonald's? I mean, I am starting to think the Hamburglar was widely misunderstood. Which could get in the way of my career over at the Mayor's headquarters.)

Anyway, Jack Sprat said, no, of course he hadn't used their debit card to charge $8.55 at McDonald's. Panicked, the Sprats cut up their ATM card, called the bank, and got their account renewed.

It was only later in the day that Jack remembered he had had no choice but to eat McDonald's at a hockey game recently. Apparently sports arenas, like airports, seriously jack up the price of their fast food.

So, thanks to me and my alarming blog, I caused a couple serious drama. I doubt they will be bringing me a Happy Meal anytime soon.


mynameisgee said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good~ =P

arabrab said...

just think how healthy you are are eating SOMETHING
aren't you?

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