Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Why did we even bother to save?

I am so mad I could spit. Spit, I tell you.

We owe $4200 in taxes. We have saved precisely $4900 this year, and FORTY-TWO HUNDRED OF IT IS GOING TO TAXES.

Oh, it chaps my hide.

And can I mention, in case I haven't yet, we are not rich people. We do not have a yacht docked in a marina anywhere. We do not vacation in -- well, anywhere, really. All we ever do is go back to Michigan and visit family. We don't even own a HOUSE. Which is of course why we owe so much in taxes. We are kidless and houseless.

I guess the bright side is that we have the money saved, right? We do not have to borrow it from our parents, which is what we had to do a few years back when we owed a charming $6,000 on taxes. (And yes, we claim zero exemptions on our paychecks.)

So, we have the money to spend, we saved $4900 in less than two months, so we'll make it up again soon. So it is not the worst problem in the world. But it still sticks in my craw.


girlymama said...

how frustrating.

spit away.

dcrmom said...

That sucks. WTH!?

sabrina duncan said...

I blame George W. He's been robbing us for years.

It's depressing, isn't it? That's why I'm still driving a Pinto.

Kelly Garrett said...

I will have major sand when I do my taxes as a self-employed individual (i.e. pay 100% of social security tax instead of the lovely 50% most pay. Corporate slavery sounds delightful in the weeks leading up to April 15th).

Anonymous said...

youve only been doing this for 6 weeks (well 7), so you should have just the same amount of money saved in the next seven weeks when taxes are due AND you will have paid your taxes too! Still doing great and are saving more than most people.