Friday, November 16, 2007

Forest for the Freeze

This one time? There was a stray cat in my neighborhood? And I was feeding her? And could you smack me for all the question marks?

Anyway, this stray cat wouldn't let me touch her for weeks, until one day she did, and I realized she was really pregnant, heavy with child, as it were, so I picked her ass up and made her come on to my house, to myyyy house.

And even though I made her countless nests, she had six kittens on our bed. Thank God for Oxy-Clean.

Anyway, I'm just saying, those were the best six weeks of my life. With the kittens, the mom, and our regularly scheduled cats, we had 10 cats. TEN CATS! That is as good as it gets for me.

So today I was looking for something else and I came upon this photo of Forest. She is sleeping on Hedgerow, I think, and I know for sure that Bert is behind her, there.

I know where all the kittens are to this day, and the mom too, and every October 7, I call their respective parents to say happy birthday to the cats. Because I am a complete freak.

So, there is this guy I work with at the church, and it is evident that we are going to become friends, and yesterday he gave me this catalog of jewelry he sells. If I buy three items, the most expensive is half off.

Now, frankly, I do want to order something. But I know I cannot. And the thing is, I didn't just come out and tell him about my year's plan. And now I took the catalog, and it's gonna look like I perused the thing and couldn't find anything I like, and now I am coming up with this phony no-spending excuse. And how ridiculous of me would it be to say, "I cannot help you, and here, read my blog all about me to prove I am not lying."

You know what would make me feel better? Another kitten picture. Hang on.

Don't you just want to go back in time and kiss them up? That's Garland, sniffing his mom, Margaret Brown. She was an excellent mother.

I feel much better.


Anonymous said...

Buy something! Consider it a purchase for next year - because otherwise, your future friendship with him will be more difficult than it needs to be. Trust me! I now know what the least expensive Avon item is in every catalog!

Anonymous said...

Aw, gosh, those are sweet pictures June. It ALMOST makes me want to like cats. Almost.

So, did you print off your entire blog for your Mom? :)


girlymama said...

oh, now i want a kitten!

SOOO adorable!!!

Hometown Horselady said...

It doesn't get any better than kittens curled up on your bed. Does it? Makes me want to go to the shelter and take some home. Not one, but some. Hubby just went to the shelter to donate yesterday and had to tell me all about the kitty that jumped on the desk and said "take me home" with her purrs. He talked about her all night. See, he knows to go without me.

I am sure your new friend will understand about not spending. Friends are like that. Understanding.

Linda .. the Aussie one! said...

You could always choose what you want .. hand him the order .. but tell him that you can't get it until January. He will just think that you have a lot of bills .. or spend a fortune on Christmas.
Your kitty photos are soooo adorable! :o)

Charlie said...

Now I want kittens. They are SO sweet.

Tee said...

Being the cat person that I am, you KNOW I love the photos of the kittens and their Mom. If you want to order some jewelery, tell your friend it will be after Christmas before you can give him an order, well New Years is after Christmas, well only a week.

eggandcheesesandwich said...

Those cats are so cute!
I think you should tell him you'd love to order something from him after the holidays and then tell him about the no spending thing.
Every morning I check your blog and because the top of my browser says "Bye, Bye, Bye" I wind up with that song from NSYNC in my head. Every. Single. Day.