Sunday, November 18, 2007

Who are you? You're the birthday boy!

Today is Marvin Gardens' 41st birthday. Yes, I know that I'm 42. I am a cougar.

Obviously, I was unable to get a gift for Marvin, or even a card. He does, of course, get to do whatever he wants all day. So far, that has entailed me performing certain wifely duties and having to listen to the song "Delta Dawn." (He wanted to hear it because of the line, "She's 41 and her daddy still calls her baby." It does not take much for Marvin.)

Later tonight I have to cook whatever he wants, which at this juncture is salmon, asparagus and key lime bars. Yesterday it was beef Wellington, so it's a very suspenseful time here at the Gardens-Cutoff Cash house.

It bothered me not to get a card. I felt so...unprepared for today. Even though cards are 100% a woman thing. Men could not care less about them. Remember when you'd go out and spend forever picking out a card for some boy you liked? Yeah. He didn't care.

One time, the day after Christmas, I was at Papyrus selecting 50% off Christmas cards along with 72 other women. We were all standing there for a long time, picking up each box, turning it over to read the messages inside, when a large man crashed through us, picked up a box without looking at it, and left. This is what I am saying about men and cards.

I guess I had better go make myself presentable in case Marvin wants to actually leave the house today. I could be in for a day-long marathon of The Who documentaries.

So, happy birthday, Marvin Gardens! Even though sometimes I want to bludgeon you with an andiron, you are still my favorite person on earth, and the cutest boy ever.


Marvelous Marv said...

So where's that sister wife I've been askin' fer all year?

Guilty Secret said...

You're so right about cards. I spend ages picking Baddie's cards and he doesn't care. He spends five seconds picking mine and I do care.

I just thought, from now on we should just buy ourselves cards.

(He he Marv's comment!)

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

I think he should NOT get a sister wife. You'd have to move to Snowflake, Arizona and would miss out on your garden club and new church friends. Plus, we'd have to hate him.

Happy birthday, Marvin. Had you been born one day earlier, we could have shared the day. My day was yesterday.

dcrmom said...

Happy Birthday, Marvin! And LOL about the cards. So true.

Lisa said...

So far, that has entailed me performing certain wifely duties and having to listen to the song "Delta Dawn."

Those of us related to Marvin are going to assume by wifely duties you mean cleaning the house.

Bronwyn said...

Awwwww! So sweet! Happy Birthday, Marvin!

What did you end up having for dinner?

Virgo limerick-writer said...

Beef Wellington?! I'm impressed!

cpwoman55 said...

Happy 41 Marvin. You were a cute litle lad, and most likely a hadsome dude

Anonymous said...

Made my day. What wifely duties?
Forty one years ago, when I was a mere pup, I looked into those blue eyes and was smitten.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I painted that red white and blue bookcase myself. It had actually been part of Marvin's grandparents dining room set.

Kellie said...

Happy Birthday Marvie!

Lisa said...

Ask Marv why he has no carpet in that picture. In fact, you can see the reason in the picture.

Anonymous said...

Aw! He is SO CUTE!

And I LOVE the song Delta Dawn! Gosh, that makes me love Marvie even more.

And the cards thing cracked me UP! SO TRUE. :)