Monday, October 29, 2007

Hi-Ho, Silver Shoes!

Yesterday on this blog, I listed things I plan to buy as soon as next year begins. Kellie asked if I planned to buy shoes next year, and I told her that just last week my mother bought me a pair of cute plaid flats. She said, "Good, because I was tired of looking at the silver shoes."

You guys. Look at every picture above. Every time you can see my shoes in my blog, from July to the present, I AM WEARING THOSE DINGITY-DANGITY silver shoes!

Oh, it's sad. And look, here's what I wrote about the silver shoes in September:

I had to buy an emergency pair of $30 silver metallic flats in July, and can I tell you how I have worn the pee out of them already? They have little tears in the metallic. I'll bet I have worn them 70 of the last 90 days.

Clearly, from my very own turncoat blog, this was not an exaggeration. If Marvin Gardens had a remotely metrosexual bone in his body, he would have noticed and pointed it out. But he didn't.

Anyway, I am just saying. This not spending is not pretty. I know I could have worse problems in this life beyond silver shoes, but that doesn't make it un-bad.

In happier news, my pal stie, who is cute no matter what her kids tell her, has awarded me with the Blogging that hits the mark award. Thank you, stie! I wish I could award this right back to you! In fact, I do.

I would also like to award Frankie of Frankie Can't Relax. I love reading her blog. It is funny, it is sad, it is completely relatable. I can't help but wish her the best every time I read her. She's the kind of person you want for your best friend.

I also bestow this award to Dan at The Hawaiian O'Brien. I have so admired my friends Dan and Renee for chucking everything and going to Maui to live. It was a dream they had for a long time and they went off and did it.

They hated it. That is probably an exaggeration, but they ARE going back to LA. Turns out Maui? Pleasant to visit, not so easy to live on. But you know what? They TRIED it. They had a dream and they followed it through. I think that's the most important thing you can do in this life. Do the thing you think you cannot do.


Kellie said... I was TOTALLY teasing when I ribbed you about the shoes!!

I wasn't feeling too bad about it, until my friend Lara in Texas called me about an hour ago and said "How could you be so mean to June???? Kicking a girl when she's down? It ain't right!!" Well, maybe those weren't her exact words, but it went something a lot like that....

June, you know I love you like my luggage, right?


Stie: My Favorite Things said...

I think you're rocking the silver metallic flats. Beats the pants off a pair of flip flops, right?

June Cutoff Cash said...

Kellie, don't you worry your pretty head. I was so thrilled to have blog fodder! Wish I'd have noticed my repetitive shoes myself.

I love Lara in Texas, coming to my defense. Heeeee....

Tee said...

I would have to disagree with beating flip flops, especially if they are Teva. Couldn't live without mine.

Better your friends tried Maui and not liked it than wishing all their lives they could live there, they would have never know. Good for them!

June Cutoff Cash said...

Yup, that's exactly what I told them.

Like, I got into NYU. I didn't go. I have always wondered what would have happened had I gone. I have STILL never been to NYC (shut up, Blanca).

Would I have been the next Madonna? A Rockette? Would I be living in SoHo now, which I don't even really know what SoHo is? Would I be Carrie Bradshaw?

So, yeah, I'm glad they tried it out rather wonder all their lives. You are correct, Miss Tee.