Sunday, August 12, 2007

Shoot for the stars

It is 9:52 p.m., and Marvin Gardens and I are staying up until midnight because there is a meteor shower tonight.

I have a history of poor luck with meteor showers. I am always picking at my cuticle or looking at my moles or pressing on my distended abdomen or something every time a star shoots by. Everyone says, "There was one!" and I swear bitterly and try to look in the sky, until the siren song of my cuticles calls to me again.

So, we are pretty darn unpacked. Thanks to all that is holy and merciful, I had no more bug encounters when I moved the boxes from that back room, so the dishes are put away, the spices are resting comfortably above the stove, the pots and pans are potting and panning and there is really no excuse left to go out to eat, even to Sonic.

As you can see, I ordered the biggest drink possible there, knowing my golden Sonic days are coming to a close. (Who loves herself?)

I think we almost broke even when it came to expenses for this move. It cost $3500 for the moving truck, and our $3200 LA security deposit was returned to us in total. We sold our washer and dryer back in LA, and our new set didn't cost THAT much more than we sold the old ones for.

A couple people gave us gift certificates to various stores, so necessary items like brooms and cleaning supplies didn't cost us anything. I have to still add up how much we have, but I know it is at least $10,000 in savings, still.

As I have said already, it'll be pretty dang easy not to spend in this town. I doubt I'm gonna get all into buying a John Deere...whatever it is John Deere sells. Do they sell deer? Do they sell toilets for the deer? Is John Deere some sort of pimp for deer prostitutes? No, wait. A john is the client.

I know they sell ironic trucker hats. Is that it? Please advise.

By the way, the other day a woman here actually used the phrase "I declare" in a sentence. I thought that was a myth. It's like an agent saying "ciao" or something. Anyway, she was cute as pie and I declare we had a nice talk.

Okay, I am gonna make coffee or something so I do not sleep through the stars and the shooting and such.


Melissa said...

Woohoo- I set my alarm every year for the Perseid meteorite shower and tromp down to the dock and lay on the damp boards with a pillow at 3am. The first year we were here, they were phenominal. It was a big tease, because it's been disappointing ever since. But I'll still set my alarm for 3am tomorrow morning. Hope your view is hair raising! tee hee

Anonymous said...

Teehee! I declare you are going to hear some more stuff like "Bless her heart", while someone is saying unkind words about someone else.

I'm so glad the bug situation is resolved and I truly hope you never see a snake. I hate snakes. I hope *I* never see a snake. Well, if I do, I'm moving back to WI.

Anonymous said...

Phooey. We missed the meteor shower last night. I fell asleep and couldn't wake up. How was it? Did you get to see any? Did you play with your cuticles? I did see about 5 shooting stars on Friday night.

I took someone school shopping today. She found a pair of Hello Kitty shoes for herself. She found a pair she wanted to buy for you too...but we are on a tight budget so we did not buy you any Hello Kitty shoes. On the way to car, the little bean said, "How come Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth?"

Glad you are unpacked without any more encounters with the big bug.

Hey...can you have a dog at your new place?

your pal from MA said...

June, dear. John Deere is a brand of tractor and other sorts of farm-y heavy duty equipment.

And, I declare, are you not emailing anymore? My Inbox misses your messages. (That sounds dirty.)

What gives, Mrs. Cash?

Kellie said...

Might Could.

You will need to understand and use this common NC Phrase.

"I might could make some coffee."

"I might could run down to the John Deer to git me a tractor."

Fun picture!

sabrina duncan said...

I hear that 'I'm fixing to' is the phrase that really means nothin'.

I was fixin' to call you tonight.. but then I realized... now that you're 3 hours ahead, I'm sure that I will NEVER call you at an inappropriate time. I'll be fixin' to call you ta-morra then.

Anonymous said...

Hey June, Uncle Hugh's brother lives in North Carolina. They are not near you, but they've lived in different parts of NC for many years. They are very kind people and I'm sure they would be happy to clue you in and give you tips about life down there. Also, Uncle Hugh's sister in law is a great cook but I don't know if she makes Okra.
By the way, did you cook your Okra?