Monday, August 13, 2007

Brilliant, Neat and Rockin'

And by the way, like 72 months ago, Amy from Brilliant and Neat tagged me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger. I was on the road when she did so, countin' Wal-Mart trucks (we saw 23 of them) and was never polite enough to say thank you to her here on my blog.

So, thank you, Miss Brilliant and Neat. You are indeed both.

Amy and I are sort of living parallel lives at the moment. Except that I think she is allowed to spend whatever she wants.

Oh, and in case anyone wondered, I did not see A SINGLE STAR last night. Marvin Gardens saw two.



sabrina duncan said...

so now I'm fixated on the time of your blog. Is that 7:42 in the boonies or 7:42 on the left coast?

Buster had to go to the vet today and he now has a "Buster" cone. Buster and buster do not get along. What's worse is Savannah was equally out of her mind since she was left behind to NOT go to the doctor... oy VEY. I need a mother's little helper.

I hope you found a vet!

amy said...

see... but i don't WANT to be spending. if only you knew the saga of the kitchen i have not set foot in since june, you would know that i have to spend money on food. and then, well... it all kind of spirals after that. but for real! as soon as i can calm down and move already, i want to get back to not spending! maybe i can even do it for longer than a month this time!

anywhoodle, thanks for the shout out! :)