Friday, July 20, 2007

If we were spending money...

...I would have hired movers. I would have had people come in, pack us up, put everything in a truck, take it to North Carolina and unpack it nicely. Then I would arrive in NC via airplane, fresh as new-mown hay.

...I would have hired cleaning people. A nice group of professionals would clean our windows, the bathroom, the carpet, the fridge, and I would stand around haughtily, making sure they missed nothing. Then I'd hire another crew in NC. And I'd do the same to them.

...I would have purchased a big slew of boxes instead of haunting R (the convenience store on our corner that only has the letter "R" left on its sign) every half hour for more FIJI Water and Tide boxes.

...I would have flown the cats to our new home. I would have one of those cute pet carriers that you take on a plane, and they would have ridden with me. First class. "Oh, stewardess, another Iams cocktail for Ruby, here."

...I would buy buy buy new things for our new home. New things that as of yet I do not know that I need, but as soon as I get there I will think that I desperately need.

...I would be taking myself out to lunch every day. This house is a mess, who wants to eat something here? Besides, all our cooking utensils are packed. Hello, Boston Market!

...I would treat myself to a day at the spa. Moving is stressful. Where is my masseuse?

If we were spending money and I did all of the above, I would seem like a real ass.

Of course, if we were spending money, we wouldn't have had the cash to purchase any of the above. Also, we probably wouldn't have had the nerve to get rid of Marvin's horrid job, thinking we couldn't live on my income alone for even a month. So therefore we wouldn't even be MOVING to North Carolina.

So. There it is. We have packed most of the house, I have taken down the curtains and washed them, washed the curtains that came with the house, ironed them and put them back up (navy blue and peach curtains. That's what this house came with. Does that depress you as much as it does me?). I have taken a big mop and gotten the cobwebs off the outside of the house. Soon I will scrub and clean every surface, knowing I will never get it as perfect as my tidy landlord gave it to us. All of it for free, all of it done by yours truly.

I keep reminding myself that this was all much harder for Ma Ingalls, although she didn't have to worry about security deposits.


dcrmom said...

ARGH. Moving is misery. But I can't wait to see how it goes in NC!

Kelly Garrett said...

Just think of how much fun you and Winston will have on your cross-country road trip. Ahhh, to see the flyover states through a young reprobate's eyes.

sabrina duncan said...

There's a reason they're called flyover states - especially, I imagine, when you're traveling with 3 cats.

Do you have a Winnebago?

Flea said...

Hey lady!

Here's the promised link to today's pictures:

And the link to mah food blog:

Tamara Cosby said...

You go girl! I need to hear your are amazing!!!

June Cutoff Cash said...

Thanks, Tamra! I'm glad you are inspired.

And if anyone wonders what these links are from Flea, the second is her food blog, which makes you hungry.

The first link includes photos from today's party, which was Charlotte's 2nd birthday, and also the last time we will see Renee (the woman with straight blonde hair) and Dan (in the red shirt). Marvin and I are on the second page of photos, yak-yak-yakking on the couch.

Anonymous said...

Egh, I am tired just reading this. Sounds miserable, simply miserable. But yay for NC! Should be good bloggy times....


Anonymous said...

Hi, just wanted to say I love your blog :-)

I'm a friend of Shannon's, btw.

Good luck w/ the move. Oh, and besides no deposits to get back, Ma had a lot less stuff to pack and unpack at each stop along the way!


June Cutoff Cash said...

Thanks for reading, Gladis!

It also occurs to me that Ma could not just get up after a day of moving, and plug in the coffee pot. Or run down for a bagel.

But yeah. She probably didn't have two yoga mats and four train cases of makeup to pack. Or 73,986 CDs. Or two blenders.

Misc Amy said...

Are you gone? Do I need to ship Miss Mexico to you? Oh, it's going to be sad to part with you both.