Monday, July 23, 2007

Goodbye! Goodbye! Good -- oh, whatever.

Do you know it JUST occurred to me that I will be within stalking distance of Barry Gibb once we move to North Carolina?

For those of you who do not keep up with Barry Gibb -- those of you who are, say, able to move past the man you had posters of in 8th grade -- Barry Gibb lives in Miami, Florida. This is a mere 12 hours from my new home.

Do you think Barry Gibb might have some sort of security team that checks blogs to see if anyone writes that they are planning to stalk their Bee Gee employer? Or could it be I am the first person since 1979 who has such plans? At any rate, look for my Florida mug shot soon!

I can tell you that I am already sick to death of saying goodbye to everything. This weekend we said goodbye to our friends Dan and Renee. I also bid adieu to my old coworker Jerry; my dentist Dr. Bieber; Lucy, the orange cat at a book store I like; Wampus and Daisy, my dachshund friends; and Romeo, the parrot who lives at the pet store I go to.

Yes, I am aware that I just mentioned more animals than people. I am sort of the Dr. Doolittle of Los Angeles. I have the "do little" part down, anyway.

We have driven through our old neighborhood in Silverlake and said goodbye to our old duplex and we have eaten one last time at Antonio's, this great Italian place in the Valley. (Oh, get your knickers out of their twist. We were taken there by my stepsister and her spouse. We didn't PAY to eat out.)

Everything I do now, I think, "This is the last time I will [insert inane thing here]." I actually thought today, "This is the last Monday I will go to lunch at this job."

The exciting thing is that I only have to do that STUPID commute four more times. Well, eight, if you count the fact that I have to go there and then back again. Tonight it took an hour and a half. May I remind you that I live 16 miles from work. An HOUR and a HALF. There is not enough Sirius Radio in the world to keep me uncrabby after an hour.

So, Friday is my last day, and we leave August 1. My workplace is going to keep me on as a part-timer, and I got my old statistics textbook client back, so I will be proofreading for them, too. You know you envy me, getting to read statistics textbooks all day. Laugh if you will, but I will be doing it FROM HOME. At L.A. PRICES. In NORTH CAROLINA. Or Florida, if it is stalk Barry day.

It's allllways funny until somebody gets hit in the eye with a restraining order.


sabrina duncan said...

I really think you have NO ROOM to make fun of my admiration of the lovely Nancy. Now, I would not move to North Carolina, because it would be moving away from the lovely Nancy and that is just too horrible to even think about. Is that a run-on sentence at?

You ARE the only person interested in Barry. Does he even have a gay following? Like could you go to his shows and meet some great people who could decorate your living room and accessorize you beautifully?

Anonymous said...

That's AWESOME that you get to proofread from home! Even if it IS statistics! And it's even awesomer that your within Barry Gib stalking distance. He doesn't even know how much he loves you already.


Stie: My Favorite Things said...

I am a little young to get the Barry Gibb thing, but I feel your moving pain. And I'm on the other end of it to tell you that you will survive. And thrive. And find new animal/people friends to pet and love. Good luck!

June Cutoff Cash said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Stie. My office is starting a pool re which state I will kill Marvin Gardens in on our road trip.

And TOO YOUNG for Barry Gibb? I think he is sort of timeless, like Clark Gable or Cary Grant.

Or Mario Lopez.

Marvin Gardens said...

I want in on that bet!

Lisa said...

OOH OOH I'll put $10 down on Arkansas

Anonymous said...

Bye from DKM, Commerce

June Cutoff Cash said...

Bye, DKM, Commerce! I heart heart heart you! Good luck to you and to M, not Commerce!!