Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ash Wednesday

Marvin Gardens and I were just looking at pictures of our new house. We were looking at this picture featured here, and he said, "Now, you know our house is that little red one in back, right?"

Woo! Funny!

Tonight I am going to join a bunch of my friends, and this is going to be hard. It was hard enough saying goodbye to Dan and Renee the other day. And by the way, tonight I turned on the news and there was a big story about some volcano in Hawaii erupting. Please tell me Dan and Renee did not move there Monday only to be swept away in a volcano on Wednesday. Does anyone know more about this?

Actually, before she moved, Renee and I discussed the whole volcano thing. I said maybe she'd be frozen in lava forever, kind of like those poor people in Pompeii.

Always one to enjoy that spotlight, Renee immediately began practicing "I was caught in a volcano" poses, so that the media would prefer her image to anyone else's. She did a sexy pose, a terrified pose. Whatever with her. If she was frozen forever in volcano ash, it will be my one goal in life to get her on the cover of Life Magazine.

Do they even make Life Magazine anymore?

Okay. I have to go say goodbye now. AGAIN. And don't worry, I am not spending any money. Soon we will have to spend $3,500 on the whole moving van. But I think it can't be helped.


Anonymous said...

I love your little house. Where is my room? I can't wait to visit but I will wait for an invitation. I hope you make as many friends in N. Carolina as you have in California.

Hawaiian OBrien said...

June... an update on Renee. She lost her big toe after she dipped it in the lava to see how hot it was. But other than that, everything's great here in Volcanoville

Anonymous said...

Cute house! I am probably one of a few that are extremely excited that you are moving to the beautiful state of NC...only an hour away from me. Have safe journeys. Keep exercising you elbow. Smiles from NC

Flea said...

I was looking through the photos and I have to say...I love this picture I took of you:

Kellie said...

Hang in there! I know how tough those goodbyes are!

Good luck on the move across the country. That's an adventure I am certain that it will give you much to blog about. Looking forward to it!

Say hello to NC for me.