Friday, June 22, 2007

Meet me in St. LOUis

My coworker Lou is annoyed that I never mention him in my blog, which is technically untrue, as he was one of the better players on my ill-fated softball team experience. So I mentioned him as part of a group.

Lou always looks like he is about to say something funny. I guess you could describe his expression as bemused, which he probably is, as he has worked for our company forever and has seen it all. Also, I know about 10 people who would quit on the spot if he ever left. Plus also too, his wife rocks.

So, go **Lou**.

Now that I have made Lou happy, I can tell you that I have gotten very lucky in the clothes department lately. Someone in my last post asked if my clothes were getting tiresome. Well, yes. I think probably more tiresome for the people who have to see me every day. Maybe they don't notice me as much as I'd like to think, but someone out there HAS to be saying, "Oh for heaven's sake. Is she rocking those Lucky jeans AGAIN?"

Last Friday, I got a large box from my Aunt Mary, and do you know I was so exhausted and flustered (or flusterated, as Marvin's old coworker used to say) from work that I LEFT that box on the porch till Saturday? I forgot about it! But when I opened it, my Aunt Mary, who similarly rocks like Lou's wife, got me a whole bunch of really good clothes. A long-ish khaki skirt, a blue stripy kind of shorter shirt (should I write fashion articles? Don't you feel like I'm modeling for you, these descriptions are so good?) a sexy wraparound black top and three white shirts that are all crisp and summery and oh! I felt cute for the first time all year wearing those.

Then yesterday I was having an equally flusterating day at work and my thin coworker left me a little pink square on my desk. I am sad to report it took me like three hours to even find the time to unfold it (seriously, it was like an ER in there yesterday. Without that girl from Bend it Like Beckham.), but when I did it was the prettiest Indian sort of peasant blouse. It has little sparkly mirrored things on it, too. I am making it sound like that thing you put on elephants at the circus, but trust me, it is pretty.

And I guess you could also count the lovely sweater my best friend sent me, which she was mortified to receive for her birthday. It is so awful that she sent it to me and dared me to wear it to work, so I did, and someone actually said, "That's a cute sweater!" It had HEART buttons. And shoulder pads.

So the good news is, my coworkers have gotten to see me in all new clothes all week. Even Lou.


dcrmom said...

YAY for new clothes! By the way, I nominated you for an award. :-)

Anonymous said...

I guess you are not blogging this weekend because you are proofreading. I want you to know I miss your daily updates.We all need to hear from you each day to start our day or end it. Hope you will give up the weekend work soon.

Nancy said...

I wish you'd mention me in your blog more also too; it's starting to offend me.... Maybe you should have a special "blast from the past" section of your blog, where you remember the good old days of ooh-ing and ahh-ing over expensive Lancome makeup you and your friends used to spring money we didn't have for. Plus also too, I'll send some cute clothes your way if you send me your address!