Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Hip-hop haircare

I am fat. Fat fat fat. I am at my high weight. I just assumed that going without my beloved convenience foods would make me thinner. It hasn't.

I own a treadmill, and I go on it, and I like it, but today I got a flyer from Heartbeat House, this dance workout place from my old neighborhood.

I love love love to dance. I cannot dance, as everyone who attended my work holiday party will attest to. But I love love love it.

I took a hip-hop class at Heartbeat House and I really liked it. Let's all pause for a moment and picture my fat, 41-year-old white self doing the hip-hop class. Fortunately I have no inhibitions.

So should I take some classes at Heartbeat House? Cause I guarantee I will burn calories. Can I count it as a medical expense, cause if I stay this fat I will kill myself?

In other news, in my quest to use cheap haircare products this year, I have come across one that is pretty good: Herbal Essences totally twisted (they lowercased that part. Sue me.) Curl Boosting Mousse.

It is supposed to make you have more curls, but in reality it seems to calm my hair down. So if anyone has big hair out there, I recommend it.

Finally, I just put another $620 in savings, which brings us to $2,920 since January 1.


Anonymous said...

moving your body in any way that is fun is certainly theraputic and medically sound. Go for it

dcrmom said...

Congrats on the savings! I'm at my high weight too. I just can't seem to stop eating. GAH!

dcrmom said...

NOt only is my bloglines not updating your blog when you post, but now your comments are posting my comments. Whatup!? Anyways, just trying to say, I'm at my high weight right now too. Sucks. Big time. Wish I could stop eating.

mynameisgee said...


I would love to go see you do the hip hop dance!!! OMG, I love your blog!

And, YOU ARE NOT FAT! *rolling eyes*


Anonymous said...

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