Monday, February 5, 2007

Big Boy Oh Boy Was That Good

Today Marvin Gardens had an interview, and it went very well. They want him to come back on Friday.

Marvin G. hates hates hates his job, and he has been there almost seven years and has never missed a day. Oh, how he hates it.

It's such an UNHAPPY place! I once told Marvin some little story about something funny that happened at work that day, and he said, "I have never once had a fun story about work."

That's true, although he did used to have a funny coworker who I loved, who unintentionally mispronounced words, like he said light blub and flusterated. The time he talked about Bruce Willis' ex-wife, Dinty Moore, was my favorite.

Several years ago Marvin Gardens started working on getting his teaching credential. Toward the end of his schooling, he had to get up in the morning, student teach all day, then go to his regular job and work 4 p.m to 11 p.m. Then on Saturdays, he had to go to his regular job and work 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. He did that for 10 weeks.

He was so not pretty during that time.

But after all that, he finally got an interview to be a 4th-grade teacher in a bad neighborhood, making a TON less money, which he is thrilled about. It's what he really wants to do, it's a noble undertaking, and obviously we can live on less than we are currently making.

So when he got home tonight from his interview, I said, "Let's cheat. Let's go to whatever restaurant you want in the whole world." Naturally he chose Bob's Big Boy, which in Michigan is Elias Brother's Big Boy, but who cares. We had us some patty melts and fries and some lemonade. We sat up at the counter, cause it was crowded, and we sat next to the fussiest old couple in the universe. She was obsessed with having just a tiny bit of ice in her Diet Coke, and he was in deep need of VERY VERY well-done fries. We saw them leaving in a Jaguar. Whatever.

Anyway, it is amazing how excited two people can get about a couple of patty melts. We spent $15.57 plus tip, and it was so worth it.


Lisa said...

How did you go to Big Boy and not eat the hot fudge ice cream cake?

Anonymous said...

Dinty Moore is now with Achtung Butcher. They're quite the couple.

Uncle Omar said...

I must say two patty melts (are you sure that's not "patties melt?"), drinks, and a side of something for $15.57, plus a modest but not embarassingly low tip seems reasonable under the circumstances.

Sluttus Americanis said...

remember Thighus Elias?

Anonymous said...

quite the industrious lad that Marvin

mynameisgee said...

You guys are so cute!