Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cooked Cheese with Daisy

Tonight Marvin Gardens and I went to dinner at the home of a wonderful couple we know, Wampus and Daisy. Actually, Wampus and Daisy are their dogs' names, but those were the blog names they chose for themselves.

We had raclette, which is pictured above. You have your own individual pan, and in it you put raclette cheese, meat and vegetables. Then you put the pan in that big cooker shown in the photo, and it cooks it all quickly and then you eat it with bread. It even comes with its own tiny scraper, so you can scrape all the melted cheese out of the tiny pan. If it sounds fattening and delicious, you have got the right idea, my friends.

So, THERE'S a fun, free thing we can do on weekends: have dinner with friends at their houses and our house. We are in fact having dinner with yet ANOTHER couple tomorrow. We aren't totally mooching; we brought stuff to contribute to said raclette tonight. Buying food is allowed, after all.

Speaking of buying things, let's talk about my deodorant. When I put it on, it smells exactly like a new doll. Any woman reading this will know that plastic scent I am talking about. The new doll scent lasts ALL DAY. But I am toughing it out because I don't want to throw out a half-used stick of deodorant and buy a new one. By "toughing it out" I mean complaining constantly about it to my officemate. I wonder if others can smell it. When I go to someone's desk at work, do they suddenly start missing their Baby Alive?

Anyway, leaping back to our dinner with Wampus and Daisy, Wampus is in the movie industry and says if I call him he can usually score me free tickets to current movies. I have to say, people are really willing to help us out with this no-spending venture. My friends have sent me recipes, cookbooks, choppers, coupons, you name it.

And I reward them by smelling like a new doll.


Anonymous said...

ok,I'll bite...what is raclette? And by the way, I used to lick my Tony doll's hair, because it was set with sugar.

June Cutoff Cash said...

Raclette is both a type of cheese and, informally, a dish featuring the cheese.

That's what Wikipedia said. And it's also what I said in the BLOG, my poor-reading-retention reader!

sabrina duncan said...

well I hope you have saved some time for free eating while Bosley and I are visiting this weekend. I guess it's not really visiting since we're only coming from the Townsend office, but whatever.