Monday, January 8, 2007

Cars, pizza, parking and lambs

I had a fine weekend of not spending. I have had the same twenty dollars in my purse for a week. I mean, some of it is spent, but there is still $6 left after -- wow -- I think nine days. (I think the $14 went to dry cleaning and times I couldn't avoid paying for parking.)

This weekend I went to my friend Renee's to hang out. I went over there in my pajamas and robe, since Renee didn't want to get dressed. I was a little nervous driving 16 miles on the freeway in my robe, but you know, no one noticed me.

Renee has a one-and-a-half-year-old daughter who is very well-behaved. She kept to herself most of the time, but the fact that I had sheep on my slippers obsessed her. "Lambie?" she would ask me, pointing at my slippers. Yes, I would tell her, there are lambs on my slippers. Around, oh, every seven minutes, she would revisit the issue. "Lambie?" she'd query, as though we hadn't conversed about the matter previously. Obviously my slipper wear was of vast interest to this child. Eventually she fed raisins to my lambs.

I'll bet if you asked her today, the lambs, Clarice, would still be of great importance to her.

Anyway, Renee fed me leftover pizza that she had made the night before. It was delicious, and after I had had three pieces she told me it was all totally healthy. The cheese was soy, the pepperoni was turkey. Who knew? It was great.

After that, I went home to wash my own car. It was the first time since 1983 that I had washed a car. The last time was in senior year of high school. There was some stupid fund raiser, and you could auction yourself off to the highest bidder; they 'owned' you for a week.

I think this would no longer fly in the public school system today.

Anyway, seven idiot boys from my class bought me (they had neglected to make a rule against this), and for a week they made me do hideous things like run to 7-Eleven between classes for them. Anyway Steve Feit made me wash his car. And he took pictures.

I think washing the car, if it's not for Steve Feit, is sort of fun! I had my iPod on, it was sunny out. And I feel terrible about making complete strangers clean up the 14 pounds of hair I shed in the car. I know one time Marvin Gardens took my car to be cleaned, and the guy cleaning it said, "You have dog?" and held up all this blond hair. Marvin Gardens said, "No, that's my wife." Nice. But really, why should anyone have to deal with me and my huge sheddy hair but me?

Finally, the only other money-related thing to happen was that I went grocery shopping last night and I was staring at the yogurt. The young kid working there asked if he could help me, and I said, "No, I am comparing prices for the first time ever."

"Really?!" He was incredulous.

I said, "Yeah, I just bought whatever yogurt looked good before this." He huffed, actually HUFFED and said, "Must be nice."

Now, okay, I did not say I just buy buildings on Park Avenue without comparing prices. It's YOGURT. But he made me feel like Mrs. Irresponsible Big Bucks. Geez.


Anonymous said...

June... Love the posts. Tell Marvin Gardens he can collect your sheddings and string his guitars with the free hair... a money-saving tip.

Sabrina Duncan said...

Parking is a valid expenditure? Parking at work - I guess that's ok. Here I am getting all huffy when Bos & I just bought tickets to our favorite concert. In another city no less.

June "Cutoff" Cash said...

Well, Sabrina, I live in a big city and there are some parts (in particular near a major college) where there is no free parking. At all. In this particular case, I had to be over at the collge at 6, and I actually sat in my car at work from 4:30-5:30 so that I would have to pay less of a parking fee. I should have told that story in my blog, shouldn't I?