Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Today I Spent

Crap. Crap crap crap.

I forgot my lunch today. I forgot it once last week as well, but I actually turned the car around and got it. This time I was too far away from home by the time I remembered it.

I have GOT to keep putting my purse in front of the refrigerator at night; it is the perfect way to remember my stupid-ass lunch.

I went to Try-Not-Ta, the restaurant in my building at work, and asked them if they would take the American Express gift card that I had. They would not. I considered not eating all day, but I knew I'd get a migraine if I did that.

Then I thought about going to the grocery store and trying to buy something legitimate (like what? I didn't have a clue. A whole loaf of bread and peanut butter or something? And a bag of plastic knives?), but I really wanted to go to yoga at lunchtime (it's free at work), so I couldn't do yoga AND go to the store.

Finally I gave in and went back down to Try-Not-Ta, and I got the cheapest thing on the menu: a baked potato. It was four dollars. I used four of the six dollars in my wallet.

Oh, I was upset with myself. It did not help that two coworkers saw me, pointed and yelled, "Failure! You failed after only 10 days!" Thanks. Thanks for the support.

I finally decided to get over myself. Sometimes I will screw this up, and all I can do is my best. I am going to buy a bunch of those dry soups that you add hot water, and a bunch of Odwalla bars and such, so that if I ever forget my lunch again, I will have backup in my desk.

On the bright side, we are putting (are you ready?) A THOUSAND DOLLARS into savings this Friday. A THOUSAND BUCKS between the two of us. Is that ridiculous or what? Usually I am able to put maybe $100 in savings, and sometimes nothing at all. It is the same for Marvin Gardens. (We have separate savings and checking accounts, cause on my 40th birthday we had like 3,000 bucks stolen from our account. And I know exactly how it happened, too. Do NOT go to a mom-and-pop gas station and use the ATM INSIDE the gas station. If you use your ATM at the pump and it says, "Go inside and give your card to the cashier," FORGET IT. Also, when you use your ATM at any store, look up. You will be astonished at how often there is a camera right above you. So the camera can see you enter your PIN. You should see me contort myself when I have to use the ATM, covering up the number. Anyway, to make an achingly long story longer, we have separate accounts so everything is sort of spread out, so if anyone gets into one of our accounts, they can't take so much.)

So, there was good news and bad today. And the bad wasn't so bad. And I ate my lunch for dinner, so that was convenient!


mynameisgee said...

Sorry, you forgot your lunch. =( I hate when that happens. I've done it many times myself.

Regarding adding pictures, you can do this by clicking on the icon on the right side of the Spell Check when in editing page. Let me know if you need more help.

What will you do with all the money you'll save this year?

polka ii said...

Hi June. It IS June, isn't it? I for one am glad that you purchased your lunch. To me that seems like a necessity; given that your options were to starve yourself on principle and have a migraine or buy something to eat and feel guilty. Seems like a no-brainer to me. Congratulations on the $1000, by the way! Just think of how many Girl Scout cookies you could buy with $1000.....

Jenn said...

I just came across your blog today and, like everyone else, am very interested in this no spending deal. But aside from that I must day that you're an excellent blogger. Hilarious! I haven't laughed so hard as I did at this post in a long time. Not that I'm laughing AT you; you just have a great way of writing.

$1000 is totally amazing! I'm excited to catch up on your year so far.