Sunday, December 2, 2007

ZuZu's Petals

(Day two of It's a Wonderful Life titles. I watched the movie yesterday for the 72,645th time, and wrote down many good ones.)

So, this company sent me some of their hand lotion and asked if I'd do a product review. I was so excited to be asked that I said okay right away. No one ever wants my opinion on anything.

Perhaps it's that I'm so willing to give my opinion that there is never time to ask me.

When it came in the mail, it occurred to me that (a) I am allergic to most lotions, gels, perfumes and other scenty products and (q) what if I hate it? Should I be honest? Also, (2.114c) am I allowed to review products? I have advertisers on this blog. So I did the adult thing and made Marvin Gardens read my bylaws and it looks like it's okay. Please nobody sue me.

The product is called Skin MD Natural, which made me think of a naked dermatologist. Am I alone in that? I opened it up to smell it, because if I'm gonna be allergic to something, it'll make my throat go "gaaaac" right away.

(I do not know when I became such a delicate flower. My grandmother had to use scent-free detergent and stuff, and now I am the same way. Soon I will become quite drawn to lilac-colored elastic-waist pants and low-heeled espadrilles.)

Well, the product has no scent, which was a relief. In fact, it's labeled as hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and free of many other things that people get up in arms about.

Also, it isn't called a hand lotion, it's called a shielding lotion. Their claim to fame is that is provides some kind of layer between your skin and the world.

I'm all, "Okay, whatever." Then I put it on. Now, you guys, I never used to be a dry person. I was never one of those women slathering on lotion after they washed dishes, since I rarely wash dishes, and I never put lotion on after a shower, either. But since I'm suddenly waking up seven times a night, growing a Father Time beard and getting a large patoot, I am also noticing that my skin seems drier.

(Not my face! No. There I am still lucky enough to break out all the time. I had this fantasy that breakouts would stop at, say, 30. But no. So I get to have wrinkles AND breakouts.

I'm starting to get depressed.)

Anyway, I am not lying when I say to you this stuff feels different from any other lotion-y product I have ever tried. It's very light. They tell you a little goes a long way, and they were right. I ended up putting some on my legs, too.

My skin feels soft, but not AT ALL like I just put lotion on. I am not slippery in the slightest. And there is no smell to make me weep and heave and wheeze.

So, Skin MD Natural? Liking you and your naked self. And I would have told you if I didn't.

Oh. And also not to mention by the way too? (How irritating am I?) Marvin Gardens read their brochure just now and he said, "You know this woman in here is my dermatologist back in LA, right?" Well, no, I didn't know. I didn't accompany him to the skin doctor. But one of the people in their brochure is the doctor who finally got Marvin's skin condition under control. He had the leprosy, and BOY was that awkward. No, no...


Linda .. the Aussie one! said...

When my daughter was 16 and I was 40 .. she .. the one who SHOULD have been covered in zits .. had beautiful skin .. me on the other hand had a face full of hormonal zits. That amused her for some reason .. I on the other hand and by the way was NOT amused .. at all. So now I'm 50 and the zits keep coming .. every month .. and I am soooo over it.
The lotion sounds great .. I hope it is available in the stores soon. It sounds just like what my mature wrinkled winter-dried-out skin needs. :o)

Bronwyn said...

Cracking up! I'm so happy that Marvin has recovered from his leprosy. I'm sure that is a very nasty disease to have (I'm thinking Ben Hur), especially in L.A!

I am with y'all on the zits and wrinkles thing and it is annoying beyond belief. Hmph. NOT amused, not one bit.

But the skin barrier does sound good. I will look for it! And if it doesn't work, I won't sue.

SustainableStyle said...

Does it have sunscreen in it? I've been looking for a new daily lotion that also has a high spf. Although, if a lotion could protect against LA, it would likely shield from the silly old sun.