Saturday, December 1, 2007


It's December! I am on the last month of this ridiculous quest!

And by the way, in order to irritate Marvin Gardens, I have decided to say a line from It's a Wonderful Life every day in December. So to equally annoy all of you, I will make my titles It's a Wonderful Life-y as well. If you have never seen the movie, just ignore me.

In case you were on pins and needles all night, my new hair is cute. And it was only $40! She was all, "That'll be 40." And I was like, "Dollars?"

I tried to take pictures last night, but a mass of red curls at night just doesn't show up so well. Did I mention I want us to get a better camera on January 1st? So, since I cannot show you a photo of my hair, I'll put one in of me and my cousin Maria, coffee-in' out on Thanksgiving. Look at the snow outside! eeek!

After my haircut, I met up with my friend Marianne. Her town was having their Christmas parade, so she told me to meet her at a Target and she'd guide me through back roads to her house. She accused me of speeding, because I got there sooner than she predicted, which left me plenty of time to peruse the shopping at the strip mall, there.

I picked up some all-protein holistic cat food I have been wanting to try. Not for myself, for my cats. My friend Hometown Horse Lady, who might be from my hometown and who might own a horse, has recommended this stuff. She says her cats' coats have never looked better.

So, I don't consider cat food cheating, even fancy, holistic, Godless hippie cat food. But folks? I also bought a diffuser at the Target, there.

For those of you who are straight men, a diffuser is a thing you put on your hair dryer to keep your curls from becoming a frickin' mess. I actually did need it, if one considers one's hair looking decent a "need." It cost $15. Marianne helped me find a cheap one.

After that scandalous cheat, I retired to Marianne's house, where I finally met her parents, her kid, her yellow Lab and her two orange cats. Marianne clearly prefers animals in the yellow/orange category, whereas all of mine are in the black/gray family.

Anyway, you know how sometimes you meet people and you know RIGHT AWAY you are just going to love them? I have been hearing about Marianne's parents since before Clinton was inaugurated, and I love love love them! And her kid is one of those children who actually speaks in complete sentences, such as, "It's nice to meet you" and not "hey..."

I have to go back to the church today, as yesterday I printed out all 72 church bulletins, mailed them to the infirm, set aside 20 for the choir, printed and inserted the prayer list, and gathered up my stuff to leave. As I gathered, what did I find? An ANNOUNCEMENT that needed to go IN the bulletin for tomorrow! So now I have to go back and make aNOTHer insert for that dang bulletin. Crap.

At least my hair will look good and also diffused.


Mick Jagger said...


I did not know that Marianne had a child. I'm glad your haircut looks nice. Money well spent, I say.

What is this cat food recommended by Hometown Horselady?

Speaking of Hometown Horselady...would she want a kitten? Would she know anyone who would want a kitten? Would anyone out there want a kitten? Should I just spend a bunch of $$$ and keep this kitty??

I LOVE It's a Wonderful Life and I can't wait to see the titles of your blog.

Adriana said...

Ack! I'm sorry for the extra announcement.

And just so you know, some women also don't have any idea of what a difuser is. Thanks for the explanation :-).

Bronwyn. said...

June, a diffuser is not a cheat, because technically it's part of your haircut. Right? Of course!

Still can't wait to see your cute new 'do!

SustainableStyle said...

I dare ANYONE to tell you a diffuser is not a necessity. And if they do, I challenge them to go about their day wearing a clown wig. Walk a mile, right?

We use that cat food. The high-protein protein, all organic stuff. And my kitties are undoubtedly the softest, silkiest, most adorable kitties this side of the Mississippi. Half parenting, half cat food.

Backroads Guide said...

Yes, I guess I do prefer the yellow and orange variety. However you forgot to mention they are LARGE! :) Did you see the black cat again? I drove by and it was gone. You were a hit at my house too. Smiles.