Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Over here. In the hydrangea bushes.

I was in a whirlwind, a WHIRLWIND, I tell you, all day. I had my regularly scheduled day of work, but ALSO today was Garden Club, which was being held at the church. So who tried to be a Garden Club member and a church secretary at the same time?

There I was, printing out 65 copies of the 28-page church bulletin on one printer, printing out and mailing minutes from the vestry meeting on the other, all while preparing for a special service at 1:30 today AND helping to make floral arrangements for people in hospice.

Let's talk about my floral arrangements.

Everyone had a little pot and wet floral foam (that's that green stuff inside the pot that you get when you get flowers. See how educational it is to read me?) and every kind of green you could imagine. There was Douglas fir, magnolia leaves, holly, fluffy fern-looking things, and all of it was making my throat close up something fierce.

Nevertheless, I stuck a bunch of greens in that floral foam, and it looked like this:

Everyone else sat around, genteel and lovely and wearing pearls and drinking cider, and softly and gently they all made this:

How long do you give me before I'm kicked out of Garden Club?

At any rate, I was running from one room to another when something caught my eye. I turned, and there in the hall was the man who needs help at Christmas! He smiled at me, I smiled at him, it was ridiculous. I ran over, cause he's on crutches, and said, "I didn't understand your last message! I didn't know whether to call you or not!" He said, "Well, ma'am, we've been waiting on your call." See? You guys were right. Shows you what I know.

So, he gave me a list. Now, this list is too modest. He wants a Barbie for each girl (one is 5, one is 6) and a pair of shoes for each. For the boy (also 5)? A truck. So far you guys have sent $390. I think I can safely get all that, wouldn't you think? Also, I do think I will get them food.

I am taking everything to his house (he lives in a trailer, actually) on the 23rd, so I have time to get good things. I'm so excited about shopping for them that I could spit floral foam. If anyone else wants to donate, just email me at


M.I. Susan Harris said...

I'm so happy that he came in. I wish I lived closer so I could help shop. You do know they make Hello Kitty shoes for little girls don't you? I can't wait to hear what you buy. Thanks for letting us be part of this.

The Little Woman and Hubby said...

BUY THE FAMILY FOOD!!!!!!! Are these southerners? If so, they will probably want:
A turkey or turkey breast, self-rising corn meal (NOT corn meal mix) for dressing, onions, celery, greenbeans, sweet potatoes, corn, cheese, chicken broth, cream of mushroom soup (for casseroles), yellow squash, jello, crushed pineapple, cool whip, cream cheese, flour (for cookies) and incredients for pecan pie (pecans, syrup, crust). I'm assuming this mother can cook. Oh my, I hope that is the case. Or you might want to ask the family if they need any particular food or medicine. I completely understand why you are sooo excited. :-) I would love to be a fly on the wall when those kids get those gifts.

As for the garden club, you might want to take up another hobby. LOL!

Bronwyn said...

I think yours looks quite good ;-)

Better than mine would, anyway. I have a decorator friend who comes over to visit and sighs her way around my house, adjusting this, that and the other thing.

Anyway, I'm so glad you worked it out with your family! They are going to have a wonderful Christmas thanks to you. Good job!

Oh, and I JUST got an email from my 4th grader's teacher wanting someone to do photocopies on Friday mornings. I read your post and said... um. No. Thanks!

June Cutoff Cash said...

Little Woman (and also her hubby), Thank you thank you thank you. If you read my grocery list from the other day you would know I am not good at buying food. These people would all get fish sticks and pistachios for Christmas dinner. Well done, thank you again.

someone from the peanut gallery said...

As nice as it is to buy food for people maybe a gift card to the grocery store would be even nicer. I know I would worry about getting things they like, especially for the kids.
But the presents, now that would be some fun shopping! I'm so glad this has all worked out.
PS. Do you proofread all your comments?

Sid Leavitt said...

Way to go on the family, June. On the floral arrangements, not so much.

Michelle Dawn said...

Ooh that is exciting news. I'm glad he came by. It will be fun to have an excuse to do some REAL Christmas shopping too won't it? Sometimes it really is better to give than receive :) I'd still recommend saving a chunk of change to stick in a card for the family to spend as they please (given before Christmas), so they can afford to do a little shopping for themselves too. Kids love to buy little gifts for their grandparents, etc. and the parents may need to pay off a bill or two, buy decorations, cards...

dcrmom said...

That's awesome! Last year we bought for a family and it felt so good to help someone who really NEEDED it. Unlike my kids who have so much crap I have no idea what else to get them. @@

StotheL said...

That is so cool! A gift card in addition to some purchased or prepared food is a good idea - if anyone in the fam has food allergies or special diet needs they can fill in the gaps around what you chose. And that way you can get them a couple of treats, when they might spend a gift card on the least expensive essentials. Doing both would cover the bases.

Also, little woman and hubby's list is great, but you forgot canned fried onions! Don't go giving them cream of mushroom soup and green beans without onions to put on top. :) Milk and juice are almost always good choices, especially with little kids too.

Blue Skies said...

I teared up when I read that he came to the church! I am so excited for you to get to do such a wonderful thing for another family. I'll bet this will rank right up there at the top of your no-spending year highlights.....ironically enough!

Anonymous said...

Last night Uncle Omar and I went shopping for necessities to fill backpacks for children going into foster care. It was fun and made me feel good. Isn't that what Christmas is all about?

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

If you have enough extra money leftover you might want to consider buying each girl a pair of shoes in the current size and one in the next size up. I have two little ones and they seem to outgrow their shoes every 4-6 months.
The grocery gift card is a great idea!

cpwoman55 said...

June, You and Marvin are such good
people. You are like your mom, vary
caring. She gave me last Tuesday off because it was icy.

Anonymous said...

Do you plan on giving the gifts to the man so they can hide them until Christmas morning so they kiddies think that Santa came?

Charlie said...

I like that grocery store gift card idea too.

What a nice thing to do. Hope you have fun with the shopping!

My niece is three and everything in her world is pink at the moment. Pink is a sure fire winner.

Oh, and with the Barbies - I know the ones in Australia have some with an extra set of clothes included. They are only about $15 each. Makes it more fun if Barbie has extra outfits so you can change her clothes!

This is a wonderful thing you are doing.