Thursday, December 20, 2007

I've been saving this money for a divorce if ever I got a husband.

Really, one of the funnier lines from It's a Wonderful Life, although I take issue with the movie's portrayal of African American people.

I am stressin'. Yesterday at work I did the bulletin for this Sunday's service, printed all 65 copies, which takes two hours because it is HUGE, added the weekly insert, mailed the thing off to those who are home bound, printed out large copies for people who can't see close up such as myself, and distributed said bulletins at various places in the church.

Then I dashed home and got Ruby in her cat carrier and screamed on over to the vet, because she's really quite ill and two different antibiotics haven't seemed to help. They decided to do blood work and X-rays on her, so they told me to come back in an hour. I went to the post office then back to the church, thinking I could start on the MONDAY Christmas Eve bulletin.

When I got there, the church organist showed me that one of the hymns in the Sunday bulletin was CUT OFF ON THE BOTTOM and the entire last line of the song wasn't there.

Folks, I actually sat on the floor and cried. CRIED. Then I had to print out new copies of the song, cut each page in half to fit in the bulletin, and PASTE those pages into every single bulletin.

But do you know the choir was there and they all rallied and helped me? They were cutting, bringing me more bulletins, cheering me up. It made a nightmarish task that much less horrid.

I stayed at the church till after 8:00, and Marvin got Ruby from the vet. She has asthma! Who knew?

So I have to go back now and do that Christmas Eve bulletin AND the one for next Sunday. I am exhausted, my throat is scratchy, and my right hand is absolutely killing me. Remember a few months back when I had sparklefraffle in my wrist? I think it's back.

Must Christmas be so stressy?

Oh, but I do have one bright note. At the post office, naturally there was a line, and the woman behind me started jumping up and down and screaming. She had just opened her mail, and found out she passed her boards and is officially a nurse! We all hugged her and clapped, and when she started crying we all got misty with her. It was so cute. And do you know I was mailing yet another package to my cousin Katie, the one in nursing school? Maybe this is a sign that she will be a good nurse. Maybe she can fix my wrist.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Ruby is treatable. How do you give her a treatment? And isn't small town living nice, when people in the post office clap for a stranger's good fortune and choir people help their frazzled secretary? Merry Christmas and be of good cheer. I'm beginning to like small town living myself. AK

SustainableStyle said...

My cat has asthma too. We lucked out and she was fine once we removed all our carpet. She hasn't had one attack since!

Linda .. the Aussie one! said...

Ohh poor June .. I had sparklefraffle in both of my wrist for years .. it got progressively worse until I had sparklefraffle surgery done.
So .. does a cat named Ruby who has asthma use an asthma puffer like humans named Ruby with asthma use?
Isn't it lucky that the organist spotted the problem before church on Sunday .. I can imagine everyone humming the last line of the hymn because of the lack of words in the bulletin. :o)

Bronwyn said...

HOnestly, I'm sitting here all weepy eyed. Sniffle. I'm sorry you have sparkleraffle again (although it's no wonder!) and sorry Ruby has asthma, and sooo sorry that you had that nightmare of photocopying (thank you, thank you, the fates who told me that being the copy mom for 4th grade was a bad idea). But so happy about your new friend the new nurse, and how wonderful that the choir all helped you out to fix your problem. Sniff, sniff.

dcrmom said...

Oh my, I don't know where to begin. You crack me up. And so does Bronwyn, sniffling up there. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I was a vet tech and I never heard of a cat with asthma. Of course, that was many many moons ago. I'm glad Ruby will be okay.

Yes! I think the new nurse at the post office is a great sign for your cousin.

I have sparklefraffle in my wrist too.... ESPECIALLY when I use scissors.

So far, I am liking the people in your new town very much!!!!!!

Charlie said...

I felt so sad about the bulletin. You are doing a great job. I would help you glue if I could reach through the internet.

Hope Ruby is alright. Thinking happy cat thoughts for her.

June Cutoff Cash said...

Thank you, Charlie. I never had a friend in Australia before! Well, I have Linda the Aussie One, but she lives here...

Anonymous said...

Don't cry June. Don't cry.

I'm glad the Choir helped you out, geez, what an ordeal.

And I'm sorry about the sparklefraffle. Even though that word makes me laugh every time.

I'm over Christmas. It's far too stressy.