Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey for you and turkey for me.

Hello! I can't hear myself think! Marvin Gardens is playing Christmas songs on his guitar eight feet from me. And may I remind you he is a Jew, so he will be struck down any second for this?

We leave for the airport in 17 minutes. I am in my robe because my bra is drying. Have I mentioned I will be excited to spend money again? I have ONE brassiere that is not all twitterpated and bad. All the rest have wires sticking out or they gap or whatever.

Here is what I packed today, after Marvin wanted me to just have a carry-on, and I recovered from that hilarity:

*My two pairs of jeans that I own. Both are frayed. I'm a frayed knot. Bah! Do you know that joke?
*My faded black pants I bought in March of 2006.
*My faded olive drab pants I bought the same time I bought the black pants.
*My black boots I brought in 2000.
*The ever-present silver shoes. Of course.
*The two new sweaters and Tshirt and pullover sweatshirt my mother just bought me.
*Seventy-five pink Tshirts purchased at various points during this century.

Mmmm! I will be lookin' good! And I have failed to mention that I finally dyed my hair, after all that debate and posting and wailing and stuff, and I am so gray that my roots? Pink. Seriously.

At least they'll match the Tshirts.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! I will TOTALLY wave at exit 22, Hotfessional! Good luck with all your cooking, Friend from MA! Eat pies, dcrmom!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see you and Marvin. Maybe we can buy more new clothes for you while you are here. Your stepfather wants to take Marvin to see a boy movie. We could shop then. Mother Maybelle.

Burbanmom said...

Ha! Frayed Knot. That's one of my favorite jokes! Hubby hates it. He also hates my "Two pretzels were walking down the street. One was a salted."

Iowa Compact said...

Thankful for you BEing. Truly a spectacular moment of my day; reading moments of your inner ramblings. Oh, joy!

jtcosby said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Hope you have a fabulous time!!!! I will be thinking about you while we don't go shopping tomorrow!!!!

balloonette said...

Six years ago, along with giving her a gift, I let my six year-old niece give *me* a manicure. The toy is long forgotten, but she still talks about doing my nails and charging me a dollar to "undo" them! Kids really do enjoy the things that you do with them more than the material gifts (Tueday Taylor's Penthouse excluded).

dcrmom said...

LOL!! I hope you had a good time in your frayed wardrobe. I did eat pie. Lots. But more fudge than pies. And I was still conflustered when my pants were too tight to button this morning. HULLO! Thirty-five! Your metabolism ain't what it used to be. Sucks.