Monday, November 5, 2007

I Heart Stupid-Ass L.A.

There is this woman who blogs, Anne. Marvin Gardens has been reading her forever. Anyway, she lives in L.A., right near our old neighborhood.

Now, you know what I should not do? I should not read her blog.

On her Flicker account (or is it Flickr? If so, why? Why do things have to be misspelled? It isn't cool. It isn't charming. It's just annoying.), she has photos of a bad accident that happened right in front of Paramount studios.

I lived RIGHT THERE. I mean, I didn't live in the studio, but I drove past it every single ding-day day. This is how self-centered I am. I'm looking at pictures of a terrible ACCIDENT, and all I can do is think that I miss LA so much I can't even breathe right.

Even talking to my friends there is hard. They'll say stuff that they don't even know breaks my heart. One friend was talking about her rock climbing and her ping-pong and her movie festivals, and I wouldn't really want to do ANY of those things, but you know what? I want them to be OFFERED. I want to KNOW they are THERE. Just like I knew Prada was over there on Rodeo Drive and I couldn't afford a dang thing in it. I just want to be near that stuff.

I know it's only been three months. I may come to think of LA as a giant nightmare. My current commute takes 45 seconds, and the one in LA took an hour each way. Maybe I'll adjust.

But what if I don't?


Tee said...

I sure hope it gets better for you soon in that little small town.

jtcosby said...

This is so not the same thing but it took me an entire year to get to where I was even close to content when I moved. And then the move here...I just dove in...because I WANTED to move here!!! So I say, give it a year. You might be surprised! :) Hugs!

jtcosby said...

Did I mention I made my first cranberry bread of the season tonight...and that I am halfway through the loaf already and the kids didn't get any before they went to bed...yeah, you read right, I have eaten an ENTIRE 1/2 a loaf of bread in less than 30 minutes!!!!

dcrmom said...

Oh girl. I don't know what to tell you. From metropolitan L.A. to rural N.C. LMAO!! There couldn't be two more different cultures. You seem so positive much of the time, I guess I didn't realize you were still homesick. But of course you would be homesick (speaking from the perspective of one who can't imagine living more than 30 minutes from a ritzy shopping mall). I just don't know. How does M.G. feel? Perhaps after he gets a few years of teaching under his belt, yall can move again, somewhere else, maybe not L.A. but SOMEWHERE???

The Hotfessional said...

Yep, what jtcosby said - give it a year. Although I've lived in Michigan 37 of 44 years (Ack, key-rist I'm old) and I hate it and STILL miss West-by-Gawd-Virginia.

cpwoman55 said...

I bet it is a culture shock. I get
all excited when visit a big city
and come home to Saginaw Iget depressed. I have always loved citiies.

Linda .. the Aussie one! said...

What are you trying to tell us June .. that they DON'T sell Prada there in your town? *insert loud gasp right here*
When you become a spending June again why not make a trip here to the city of angels one of your priorities? Maybe the pollution and traffic jams will help you adjust to living in Petticoat Junction. Hmm I have just realised that you are younger than me and probably don't remember that show. :o)

June Cutoff Cash said...

I TOTALLY remember Petticoat Junction! But I think this town is more like Pottersville, when George Bailey was never born.

Adeline Dimond said...

Um, wanna trade? On Saturday a guy high on HIV medication (yes, that's right) drove down my street in Silverlake, hitting 13 cars, and then "fleeing" from the accident. One of the cars was my boyfriend's . . . as I'm standing in front of it, on the phone to the police, people kept driving by and stopping. Do you think they stopped to ask if they could help? Nope. They stopped -- get this -- to ask whether or not my car had been hit. Now, I'm no scientist, but if someone is standing in front of a car with a cell phone, and the whole left side of the car is shaved off, would that question need to be asked? In any other part of the country, I would say no. But in LA, the most prurient, gossipy, narcissistic city in the world, this is the response. And the smog has been really bad.

Anonymous said...

Potterville was corrupt and sinful. It doesn't seem like your town is like that, is it? You have an eye for finding the interesting characters and events wherever you are. Maybe it
's more like Miss Marple's village where it seems quiet and boring but really there are murders going on all the time and lots of other intrigue.

Anne said...

Hi, it's Anne from Annecentral. I got a laugh out of your post and can totally relate. I won't lie. I'm so glad I moved back here. I just wanted to tell you though that it's Warner Bros. Studios where the accident took place, not Paramount. Those pics were taken on Olive Street in front of the Triangle Building. Now, I hear honking horns all day in support of the striking writers who are picketing outside. Take care, and thanks for reading the blog. -- Anne

June Cutoff Cash said...

Hi Anne from Annecentral!

Yes, of course it's Warner Bros. I don't know why I said Paramount. I have a friend who lives right next to Paramount, and a HUGE picture of Dr. Phil stares at her all day.

I lived right near Olive. Not near enough to hear the horns, but close.