Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gray's Unfit Anatomy

You know what I think I might do? I might grow out my gray.

It has only been three weeks and I have a SERIOUS stripe of gray going on. In fact, I'm gonna go measure it. Hang on.

HALF an inch! I had Marvin confirm it. Half an inch of gray in three weeks. This is ridiculous. Moses called. He wants his hairdo back.

There is a really pretty youngish woman here who is very chic, and her hair is gray. I was pondering this idea all afternoon, and do you know I just saw her at the Wal-Mart there just now? I think it's a sign. A sign from God. Because God has nothing better to do than drop me hair hints at the Wal-Mart.

I am sorry that we had to go to Wal-Mart. I really am. I had to develop those photos, the ones I took of my grandmother's grave, because I'm fun like that, and it's the ONLY developing place in town. Honest.

And by the way, Marvin knew about 87 people there. I have noticed Marvin knows all the black people and I know all the white people. I think this is because his kids at school are mostly black kids, whereas everyone in the Episcopalian church is white. So there you go.

And in case anyone is paying attention, I had earlier said I was not going to develop my photos until January, as this developing of film is unnecessary spending. But I also took pictures of the Halloween festival in town, and one of the old ladies at my nursing home where I volunteer is DYING for me to develop the shots in case I took one of her great-granddaughter dressed as a fairy. Which I may very well have, as I was drawn to all the kids in fairy princess costumes.

So, see? I'm doing it for others, not for me. And I was a grownup and chose the two-day developing, which is $1.12 less than waiting an hour.

Oh, but then? When we were leaving the Wal-Mart, having said hi to every person of every color there? I saw they had the new Dr. Oz book, the one about staying young. It is PERFECT for next year's healthy living blog, which in case you didn't know I am hard at work on, behind the scenes. Oh, I wanted that book.

Marvin said, "You can get it if I can get a DVD that I want." Oh, I was tempted. I want that book SO MUCH. But I said no, not allowed.

We checked out and got to the parking lot. We put our things in the trunk. We got in the car and started driving.

"OH LET'S GET THEM!" I screamed.

So now I have to go read my Dr. Oz book. A $17 cheat. I suck. But I'll be healthy! And gray!


Bronwyn said...

It's 51 days till Jan 1, right? So, you need to be ready to embark on the new blog, which because you advertise, might bring in some money, so it's considered a work expense. There you go. Justified. And if Marvin needed a CD to compensate, and to keep marital harmony, oh well, it's a smallish cheat. I imagine it's getting harder and harder not to cheat as you get closer to the finish line. What do you think of the book? Worth it?

I am impressed with your thoughts of going gray. If mine was a nice striking gray, I'd do it. But it's a hideous orangey pink color that is sooo washed out, that I'll be one of those old ladies with hunched back and totally fake looking red hair.

Catherine said...

I love the idea of growing out your gray. My natural hair color is mousy brown, although "mousy" is actually a better color than my hair. So I dye it red. But I have said that as soon as the roots start coming in gray, that's it -- I'm going with gray. I love gray hair, and I have some, but it's just strands so far. So anyway, I agree with your decision.
PS I was at Jamestown today and found an exhibit sign with bad punctuation. The period was after the close quotes. Doesn't stuff like that drive you nuts?

Mick Jagger said...

Remember when we spent 8 hours in Meijer and had our Halloween pictures developed????


June Cutoff Cash said...


You have no idea. It gives me hives sometimes.

And of COURSE I remember that lovely picture we waited for at Meijer's. Now everyone will think I actually went to Meijer Thrifty Acres with Mick Jagger. Wild horses couldn't have dragged us from that store.

Anonymous said...

I just reserved that book from the library. I am enamored with Dr. Oz. my whole lifetime I have seen about 4 women that look good with gray hair. One of them is the other Anonymous. Of course you can always change it , if you dont like it. By the way, I have seen 1,284,326 men that look good with gray hair. Is this fair?

sabrina duncan said...

I was attending a benefit concert the other night and I met a woman with gray hair (older than us, but she looked youngish). She was very chic. She had it pulled back into a ponytail I think, but I remember thinking how great it looked.

I think it's all in how you present it. And yours may present from there to Idaho, but I will be anxious to see it!

Linda .. the Aussie one! said...

Gray huh. Hmm .. try blonde .. the grays just kind of blend .. I plan on being blonde until I die and hopefully that won't be until I am in my 90's.
Enjoy your book June and Marvin his DVD. :o)

Charlie said...

I'm glad you got the book & the DVD. You guys deserve it!

I hope that my hair goes completely white. Very chic.

Adriana said...

Hi, a faithful reader of your blog here, since I found the link in another blog the other day.

I can't wait for your new blog! Can you please promise to *make the name of the blog match* next time though? When I saved your blog's address in my favorite (as well as when you choose to post a comment, the name that appears is "Bye Bye Bye", and for some reason that bugs me that it doesn't show the correct "Bye Bye Buy" (who knows why, I'm not known for being the most organized or systematic person in my neighborhood).

About going gray: I'm 42, and very frustrated that so far I have only TWO gray hairs noticeable in my head! Have you noticed the growing number of gorgeous gray-haired models in magazines? I think gray can be very chic, but I read that it's best to be at least 40 percent gray before you stop coloring your hair (to avoid the contrasting colors and textures creating a straggly or unkempt look). So, if you are there yet, I'd definitely give it a try - let us know how it went!

June Cutoff Cash said...

Dear Adrianna,

Now Marvin and I are obsessed. We cannot figure out why it is saying bye bye bye instead if bye bye buy! We certainly didn't set it up that way! How irritating!

And you know I never noticed it before you said that? And I'm a proofreader!

Anonymous said...

Which DVD did MG buy?

Anonymous said...

Hey hey you you get off of my cloud.

That's no cloud, Bub. It's just June's gray hair.

June Cutoff Cash said...

Dear Anonymous,

Queen. Some 1981 concert. Cause Marvin is straight, at any rate.

Mick Jagger said...

It says Bye Bye Bye on my favorites as well.

Mick Jagger said...

Bleck. I hate Queen. Geez. I was hoping with the big cheat it would have been something really the Sex Pistols live in Texas or something.

Coco said...

At least your hair grows in all one color. I've been stuck with a white streak right in the center front of my hair since I was 13. Gray is infinitely more natural-looking than white. Work the gray.

Anonymous said...

all i read was that you might go grey (i prefer the english spelling). please don't go grey unless you want your husband to have an affair or i'll have to call in oprah for a makeover!

Anonymous said...

With your family history, the hair will probably be striking. Go for it. Think of the amount of chemicals that won't be seeping into your brain if you stop coloring it (your hair, not your brain).

Adriana said...

Hee, I did think it was funny that you hadn't noticed the wrong title, being a proofreader and all... But very understandable, considering that it was only shown in the top of comments or as the title when you saved the blog in your Favorites.

I'm glad I've mentioned it, though, as somehow it has been corrected :-).

dcrmom said...

Gray. ARGH. I have a few gray hairs in the very front of my head. They've gotta go. I'm thinking highlights. BUt I'm scared. I have what everyone says is a very pretty natural color. I hate to screw with it. But the gray? Nosankyou.