Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sparklefraffle in my Wrist

I couldn't type you all day, because I have a hideous pain in my left wrist. I mentioned this to Marvin Gardens, who suggested that I was doing something crude in my spare time. I will not torment you with the details. Let's just say that perhaps he should look into graduating seventh grade soon.

What I like about Marvin is his sensitivity. Perhaps he could volunteer in an ER, and people could tell him their woes. Or one of those all-night phone lines where you call with medical emergencies. I'm sure he'd be popular.

Marvin and his empathetic self aside, I wonder if I have carpal tunnel or something?

I do spend a lot of time on the computer. And I have been doing a lot of intense, fast editing, as I got a new freelance job proofreading transcripts. So I have to listen to the tapes and read along. I try to quickly make corrections without stopping the tape, as I am being paid by the page. So the faster I go, the richer I get. And apparently the sorer, too.

My other excitement for today (if one can consider wrist pain and being insulted by one's own spouse "excitement") was that I got to go to WalMart, which I kind of consider an evil store. Take this city, for example. Most of the people here used to work in the textile mills. Now no one has jobs, so they are poor, so to save money they go to WalMart, which TOOK THEIR JOBS AWAY.

Ironic. It's 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife.

But WalMart is close to the assisted living place where I read to Miss Lilly, and besides, there isn't any other store in town, honestly. At any rate, we were completely out of dish cloths, and I want you to know that frugal June tried very hard to do without. I cut up kitchen towels, I cut up old t-shirts. But finally I gave in and spent the $2.98 for eight washcloths. Which -- okay, evil WalMart -- I admit was a deal. So I sold my soul to get it.

Also, finally, I think it is official that I am going to go to Michigan and buy my VW Bug back from my mother. Perhaps you wonder, "Are there no cars for sale in all of North Carolina?" and the answer is no. It is illegal to sell cars here. Everyone has to sneak into South Carolina for auto purchases.

No, no. However, Marvin looked into it, and because we have only been here two months, they want to charge us like 30% interest, as we are a flight risk. Which irritates me. A flight risk. Who are we, Bonnie and Clyde?

I know this is spending money, but living without a car is so. ding-dang. depressing. Someone here today said, "You'll feel better once we get some wheels under ya!" I love people here.

Anyway, my mother is paying for the flight, because I am 42 and my mother pays for my flights, and then we can pay her whatever we can afford per month for the car. Plus also too, I get my Sirius radio back.

Howard Stern is going to seem so clean-cut after living with Marvin.


dcrmom said...

YAY for the car! But sorry about your wrist. That happened to me when I was transcribing. Take breaks, try to relax when you type, and have you tried one of those split keyboards? I got one back then, and I still love it.

virgo limerick-writer said...

I know what you mean about Walmart. When I go to KC to visit my mom, there are both a Walmart grocery store and a regular Walmart within a mile of her. Because I'm always trying to stock her shelves, I go there, but I always say that if I lived there, I'd have a real moral dilemma bec. I've read so much about how bad they are for America. But they're so cheap, it's hard to resist.

Burbanmom said...


Sorry about your sparklefraffle :-( Hope you're feeling better soon. Also, there is a super-funny cartoon on JibJab about the whole Walmart thing. I crack up everytime I watch it (sadly, at least a dozen times and counting). Here's the link:

Kellie said...

(Raising my coffee cup in a salud! to the wheels. And cute one's no less. I cannot imagine you in anything but a VW Bug. What color is it?

I am sorry about the Sparklefraffle in your wrist. Since reading the first paragraph in this post I ran into my coffee table and have acquired a bit of sparklefraffle in my right shin bone.

I think I will post about it once I stop cussing from the pain.

June Cutoff Cash said...


You are far from the first to say that I am just a VW Bug type of person. Which makes me wonder if people see me as German, round and humpy. I AM German...

My little car is dark blue. I have a magenta flower in the vase. I hope my mother did not remove it and put an "ERA Yes" flag or something in there.

Bronwyn said...

June! This does sound like a clear cut case of sparkleraffle tunnelitis, known by some in the medical profession as carpel tunnel syndrome. Ice, rest and ibuprofen might help. I know rest will be hard, esp if you are wanting to lift your middle finger in salute to Marvin's lewd suggestions (to which I would probably reply that if I was forced into such activity it would be due to a failure on my husband's part ;-) )

Anyway, I'm so upcited that you are getting your nice NAVY BLUE bug back. AND that you get to go to MI in the fall. I am missing WI big time right now. Discombobulated. No pumpkin patches, no apple picking outings, no orange and red leaves. How does one know it's fall in FL? Why are they even talking about fall? It's summer.

June Cutoff Cash said...


I always had a laugh when people in LA would call it "winter," too, then I started doing it after a few years.

You can always email me, you know, by clicking on the envelope and not the "comment" line, by the by...

sabrina duncan said...

WalMart IS evil and you should never, ever go there. Even when I need new tube socks, I would never go there. Of course, it does help that there is not a WalMart anywhere near me - although it is inching closer by the day.

Kelly Garrett and I would not be caught dead in the walmart!