Friday, October 5, 2007

I Love a Parade

It was homecoming tonight for the high school, so naturally there was a big parade.

(You have never seen so many people dressed in orange shirts in your life. It's like we were all afraid of hunters. And when I say "we," I mean everyone other than myself.)

Believe it or not, traffic was crazy getting to the parade route (I actually found it hard to believe there could be that many people on the street and that many people on floats, but it WAS homecoming, so maybe people actually came from other towns), so we walked up the hill, that HORRIFIC HILL, to the parade.
Even the mailbox feels sorry for me.

Once we adjusted to the altitude, we found a spot and watched the festivities.

Every time I see bagpipers, who I love, I can't help but think of "We have a piper down!" from the movie So I Married an Ax Murderer.

I was sad that they did not have the actual homecoming king and queen in the parade, but apparently they announce who they are at the actual football game. In my high school, they told you like a week ahead of time so the queen could prance around proudly and the rest of us could say it was a setup, and she didn't deserve it, and other awful high school things. Anyway, this is the king and queen of the nursing home, which I thought was so cute I actually cried. They were so excited! Waving at everybody, smiling. I loved them.

Now, this is what I glean is a wonderful organization that helps kids at risk or some such thing. I was starting to cry again because all the kids were holding up signs that said things like, "I am the next President of the United States" or "I am the next Supreme Court Justice" and such. I thought it was so esteem-building. But then I realized the poor Supreme Court Justice kid had his sign upside down, which killed me. Because I am a horrible person.

Finally, the parade was over, and after I said, "What happened to the homecoming queen? We don't get to see the homecoming queen?" 486 times, we headed home the back way, so we wouldn't get run over by the actual traffic that was actually present, for once. Luckily for me, the back way involves that block where all the cats let me pet them, and I held a tiny baby kitten, so it worked for me.

Go, whatever the name of our football team is! Woooooo!


Bronwyn said...

"But then I realized the poor Supreme Court Justice kid had his sign upside down, which killed me. Because I am a horrible person." I just about wet my pants laughing when I read that. Still laughing. I have tears. I must be a monster.

How did you fare with all that orange? Scary!

Michigan J. Panther said...

Your pig tails are cute!

It was our homecoming tonight as well. They crowned the queen at half time. What is the mascot at MG's school? We are the Panthers. Everyone was chanting, "THIS IS PANTHER COUNTRY!!!" And then they did this boom chica boom stomp on the bleecher steps.

Oh...I hate parades. As a result, tonight was the first parade experience for my 6 year old daughter. It was fun. Maybe now in my old age, I like parades....parades and saurkraut.

Megan said...

Are the mailboxes really that huge in North Carolina or is it just my imagination? It kinda looks like it's about to attack you.

June Cutoff Cash said...

They're not that big, Megan. It's just that I am so tiny.

Lisa said...

Um, is no one commenting on "Blast Off For Jesus?"

Kellie said...

I love parades too!! Do you watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV? The Mister is NOT fond of parades (in the pre-marriage inventory we talked about religion and did we miss the section on parades?) We have managed to reproduce, not one, but two anti-parade children. How in the world did that happen?...but I won't try to work out my issues on your blog.

I am glad you said something because, really, we are all thinking it.


June Cutoff Cash said...

I LIVE for the Macy's parade! Which is saying something, because I hate Macy's. But that's another blog post.

Religion and money, but not parades. How true.

Anonymous said...

Your little town looks charming.

dcrmom said...

It's like the big white elephant in the room. No one wants to be the first to comment.

June, what, no commentary? I'm surprised! And, I must add, a bit disappointed. It must be PAINING you to hold back all the quips you must have saved up in your head since you saw that "float".

Anonymous said...

Why does "Blast Off For Jesus" remind me of our
tenth grade float--the Giant Iron with
"Don't Press Your Luck!" on it?

And how , exactly, does one blast off for Jesus? It sounds like a personal problem.

I am the next night manager at McDonalds!

Bronwyn said...

The Blast off For Jesus thing had me laughing as well, the whole post was a gigglefest! That blast off float... well... an interesting theme.

June Cutoff Cash said...

"I am the next Night Manager at McDonald's." Oh, I am weak. We are all going to be severely punished.

Really, dcrmom, I was rendered speechless by that poor Blast Off float. I thought it best to present it silently.

Sarah said...

The woman on the Blast Off For Jesus float looks so bored with it all. You know, like she has blasted off for Jesus a hundred times before. Shouldn't she be pumping her fist in the air, radiant with excitement?

Tee said...

Hometown parades are really fun! Last night was Homecoming at Whitewater High. It was fun, but I thought I was at a church service because there were so many people there from my church. Nine of the kids on the Homecoming Court are active at church, to include one of our Senior Pastor's daughters. It all brings back such fond memories of high school and playing in the band all the way through school, from 3rd grade until I graduated.

sabrina duncan said...

Honestly, it looks like she's doing something dirty with that blaster...