Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Road trip for $68

Why does all hotel soap smell the same, yet no other soap on earth smells like hotel soap?

I am back from Michigan; I have officially reclaimed my car back from my mother. I have also attached a nice photo I took of Gus, my mother's dog. It would have made more sense to have it in last time, but I didn't have my fancy "putting pictures on the computer" equipment.

My little Bug and I got reacquainted through Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. I am over the U.S. Didn't I just drive through California, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee like two months ago? Enough already. Am I running for president? Geez.

So, my mother packed me all kinds of food (turkey sandwich, apple, two kinds of chips, Vernor's, chocolate chip cookies, that blueberry pie she kept trying to get Big June and me excited about) and I ate those throughout the trip. I went to the Best Western in Ohio last night, and there was a free breakfast at the restaurant next door, so I had that this morning (had me some nutritious biscuits and gravy, with equally heart-healthy home fries. What heart attack?).

And did you know it is cheaper to pay for your hotel room in cash? I did not know this fact. Therefore, excepting the price of gas (which totalled $49), the whole trip cost $68 for my hotel room. I had such a terrible migraine last night that I didn't eat dinner. I highly recommend getting one as a diet plan.

Good gravy, I was sick. These stupid migraines come in waves. Did you know I get migraines? There is even a name for people like me: migraneur. Isn't that ridiculous? Wouldn't you just want to smack someone if they said to you, "I am a migraneur"? Migraneur. It sounds like I should have a woman's torso and goat legs or something. Migraneur.

Anyway, all this being ill and eating biscuits and gravy and driving 810 miles got me to thinking. Maybe next year, my blog could be all about me trying to become healthier. Because seriously? Other than, say, Sid Vicious, I am the unhealthiest person you know.

I could try different things each month: green tea, exercise, meditation, vegetarianism. And at the same time, I could continue to ramble off the topic like I always do. Wouldn't that be fun?

At the side of the blog, I can put my measurements and my body fat and my cholesterol and stuff. Oh, won't this be exciting! Can anyone think what to call it?


Anonymous said...

You could call your new blog "My Pilat-ass ball."

MarvinGardens said...

"I'm Fat"

Anonymous said...

I'm having a pilat-ass ball!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever used one of those balls? Geezus. I just about killed myself on one. I thought I sprained my stomach. Would that be a hernia? Oh...I hurt for days and days. I deflated the ding dang thing and put it back in the box.

jtcosby said...

Bye Bye Booty?

Anonymous said...

I'm so relieved. I lurk here, reading your blog, and just this week I found myself worrying that once the year was over you would stop writing.
I've stopped being as interested in how you manage to spend nothing for a year and started to just look forward to you making me laugh.
Anyhoo, now I know I don't have to worry about you disappearing from my daily routine I'll go back to lurking now!

June Cutoff Cash said...

Thanks for delurking, Lefa! You have no idea how exciting it is when someone comes out from the shadows.

I like Bye Bye Booty. Marvin Gardens just suggested Bye Bye Thigh.

But I think it is less weight loss and more health. Bye Bye Bypass?

Bronwyn said...

Hi Hi Health? Good grief, there's a reason I stick to the sciences and not the writing schtick!

Glad you got home safely. You will think I am a crackpot(as do most, but I carry on), but I was getting migraines daily last year about this time. Stress, etc... I started taking this homeopathic migraine medicine called migraide as soon as I got those speckles in the eye.
And, to further my crackpot status, acupuncture also works, but you probably don't have one handy in your newish neck of the woods. If you do though, give it a shot.

Can you believe I'm going to nursing school, and dishing up all this alternative medicine nonsense? I hope I don't get kicked out.

June Cutoff Cash said...

I really don't think it is nonsense, Bronwyn! Did you ever read Dr. Andrew Weil? He's a Harvard-educated doctor who also believes in alternative medicine.

That said, acupuncture didn't work for me. I tried it two or three places. Neither did biofeedback or Chinese herbs.

However, you know what did help? Running! When I did marathon training, it was Marvin G who noticed I wasn't getting migraines. So maybe I need to run 18 miles a week again. Blech.

Bronwyn said...

Glad you don't think I'm nuts! I do believe there are plenty of spots in the health care world for alternative and Western meds. But I'm so sorry it didn't work for you.

Running sounds like a good healthy cure! I've just started running again after a long absence, huffing and puffing through 2 miles a day. Snort. No marathons in my near future!

sabrina duncan said...

Maybe you could be Forrest Gump and run over here!

Oh, and I think Courtney is probably not so healthy either. Wasn't Courtney in the Sid Vicious movie? Aren't I just the 18 degrees of Kevin Bacon! Or the queen of non sequiturs!

How about Baby Got No Back?

dcrmom said...

Yeah, I tried that for 8 weeks. It sucks.

O my word, I'm LMAO at marvingardens.

Anonymous said...


Your pal from MA said...

I don't know what to call your new bloggy for 2008, but we must get Richard Simmons and his shorts involved somehow!

Have you ever seen him on David Letterman? It's heeee-larious!

OK. That's my 2 cents' worth.

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Whatever you call it, whatever you're doing, you MUST keep writing on the blog.

June Cutoff Cash said...

Pal from Ma, that was too weird. Dcrmom has a photo of her husband dressed as Richard Simmons on her blog today, and I had JUST finished emailing her about it when your comment came in. It is a Richard Simmons kind of a day. But when isn't it?

June Cutoff Cash said...

Thank you, stie. I am hooked now. I heart you.

Anonymous said...

Vernors--isn't anyone going to ask about Vernors? Vernors and turkey--girl you were in heaven!

Lara said...

Oh I feel a huge weight off my shoulders and having said that I sound like a weirdo with only blog/virtual friends but I'm so glad WE are all talking about what you will continue to write about! I think the healthy topic is GREAT! Through all the humor and laughs I know so many people you have inspired to actually be more careful with their money. I can only imagine what great results would come from the being healthier idea and you know they say a laugh a day keeps the doctor away...or something like that, I don't think it is only apples. Anyway I know I am already tons healthier and will probably live to be at least 99 now that I'm reading your blog on a regular basis!

Anonymous said...

I get migraines too. They make me hate my mother for giving birth to me. But they're good for the not eating. And I really don't know Sid Vicious, so you must be the unhealthiest person I sort of know. In your words! And like a year and a half ago!