Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Marvin Checks in as a Guest Poster. He wanted to call this "Hello, Cleveland!" but that makes no sense to me and it's my blog.

Marvin and his Gardens here. June has asked me to write a guest post, as she is a bit under the weather today. Actually, she is a bit under the covers. Although every thirty seconds she asks "What are you saying now?" Which really sounds like "whufffaaaaoooooooosayyyynnnowwww," from under the down comforter, which is really just a down comforter cover now, as the actual down part of it that goes inside has somehow gone missing.

Anyway, I'd just like to say thanks to everyone out there who has followed our adventures in frugality thus far. From my side of the fence, it hasn't been so bad, though I miss things like being able to pop down to the record store and buy the latest release by some band June has never heard of before. Though this is less of a problem for me now, since Jack's Record Rack, the only music shop in town, closed down sometime during the Carter presidency.

Which reminds me that I used to live next to a guy in college who we called Konstantin Ben Chernyenko, who came up with the generic name of "Psycho and The Tendertones" for any band he had never heard of that I happened to be blasting out of my Panasonic cassette boombox (with detatchable speakers) on that particular day.

"Listening to Psycho and The Tendertones again," he'd ask, rolling his eyes as he shuffled off to class.

So besides music, and concerts, and new guitar strings, and DVD concerts of bands June has never heard of, and packs of new Polaroid film for my various vintage cameras, and half the stuff on eBay that I see, and the fact that I can't go out and find a 1975 AMC Pacer X to park in my driveway and never work on, I am fine.

But June isn't. She is going to lose her mind if I don't show her this post. And I am going to get fired if I don't get ready for work. So, keep on keepin' on y'all. Marvin out.


Bronwyn said...

Hi Marvin! Thanks for your post, but next time could we please read about Michael? I'm sure you get very tired of people wanting to hear about Michael. But still. I mean, this is no Psycho and the Undertones. This is Michael Jackson!

June, sorry you are under the weather/covers. I feel the same way and yet must study for a Philosophy exam tomorrow. Worse, I have to go spend three hours at the girls' school, working in their "store". BRUTAL.

Lisa said...

Hey MG, I still have that Panasonic cassette player with detachable speakers if you want it back.

June Cutoff Cash said...

Dear Marvin,

(A) It is not called a "comforter cover," it is called a duvet. Having a comforter inside is optional, an option we have not chosen since 2001 because we lived in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA and it was always too hot for a down comforter. Plus, the feathers kept coming out and driving the cats nuts.

(B) I was under said duvet asking you to STOP POUNDING ON THE KEYBOARD, and ironically you did not hear me because you were slamming so LOUDLY. Honestly, it was like you were Woodward and Bernstein, about to break the Watergate scandal, and you had three minutes til your newspaper dealine. I was in there, racked with nausea and pain, weakly calling out, "Can you stop slamming the keyboard?" (no answer) "You don't need to press so hard on the keys. It's a computer" (no answer) "With the SLAMMING already!"

But I love how you have interpreted it to be me being rapt with curiousity about what you're typing, Narcissus.

Bronwyn said...

June, I am in tears.... Your response to Marvin is classic. I hope you are feeling a little better, the tone of your post indicates that you may be!

Still anxious to hear about Michael though. ;-)

Tee said...

LOL June's response to MG's post!!!!! I think you will get an opportunity to use a down comforter this winter in NC. It will be tad "cooler" than Southern California. :-)

Michigan J. Frog said...

Michael Schmichael....I want to hear more about those bands June has never heard...chances are I will like them. So...name some, please! In the land where Loverboy and Def Leppard still play every hour on the radio I am starving...STARVING for something to listen to.

Megan said...

Hi Marvin and June-
June, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I cracked up that you are now interested in cleaning products--is this what a year of only buying necessities does to a girl? Actually, I take that back, I get kind of excited about new cleaning products too--when I think they're somehow going to revolutionize my life and my house will now always be clean. But what I bought was just a new floor duster for hardwoods. I had originally bought this box set with the mop and cleaner and needed to go get a new pad for the mop, but of course they seem to have discontinued that brand so I had to buy a whole new mop. Pretty exciting stuff, huh?

As always, love checking in with your blog!

Anonymous said...

Yay Marvin! That was fun.

"Keep on keepin on"... You would be best friends with my husband I think.


Anonymous said...

Marvin, you are such a good partner for June. Hope to hear from you again, and I don't mean the slamming of computer keys.