Sunday, September 30, 2007

Things I Miss Spending Money on; Things I Don't

It has been nine full months of no spending. If I were pregnant, I'd be mighty cranky by now, wanting it to be over.

So, what things do I miss? What don't I miss? Glad you asked. Even though you didn't.


Movie tickets. Yes, I got to go to the drive-in last weekend. But the movie playing was not the point; making out with my Aunt Mary was. Okay, we did not make out. But the movie was stupid. It was some fantasy with Claire Danes and Michelle Pfieffer. My only fantasy was that I was seeing something else.

I miss the anticipation of going to a movie I have been dying to see. Eating overpriced Goobers and popcorn. Or, in the case of the pretentious movie theater we liked in LA, having sausage baguettes, spinach and artichoke dip, and a caramel latte.

Clothes. I am. so. sick. of the Old Navy Tshirts I purchased in the summer of 2006. And I own two pair of jeans: Lucky and Gap. They are now both frayed. All the other pants I have are capris from Old Navy (emphasis on "old"), bought anywhere from 2000 to 2006, and faded black pants from work. I look like a hobo. Is it politically incorrect to say "hobo"?

I own ONE pair of sweats. You would be surprised how quickly clothes wear out when you do not replace them. I did not think one year would make such a difference.

Shoes. Oh, shoes. Glorious shoes. How I love shoes. Does anyone recall at the beginning of this year, when my friend, whose name I will not mention but whose initials continue to be Amy, was worried about how I would go all year without shoes? I huffed at her. I said I had like 23 pairs, that was more than enough.

Guess what? It wasn't. I have had to toss all but one pair of flip-flops. I had to buy an emergency pair of $30 silver metallic flats in July, and can I tell you how I have worn the pee out of them already? They have little tears in the metallic. I'll bet I have worn them 70 of the last 90 days.

Highlights. Getting tired of taking charge of my roots on my own. The dye gets all over the bathroom, ruins towels and shirts, and makes my eyes water and my throat close. And I miss the subtle highlights and stripeys and such that my hair used to have. On the other hand? Somehow my hair seems healthier.

Cable. I had no idea that Reba had so many episodes. How long was that show on? Has it beaten Gunsmoke as longest-running series? And did you know that some juicers can provide you with ALL the vitamins and minerals you need for the day? TV is horrid without cable. And who the hell decided to give Tyra Banks two shows?


Fancy meals. I have never been big on nice restaurants. Mostly they make me uncomfortable. I always worry I will do something embarrassing, and I hate how one is stuck there for hours, unable to leave. Now, LA had a LOT of fancy restaurants, and at some you were almost guaranteed a celeb sighting. But I do not miss it. I do not miss tiny portions, worrying that they will slip cilantro in somewhere, and having to tip the valet.

Gifts. Is that horrid? I used to buy gifts out my rear for everybody. Hey, it's your anniversary of getting your cat! I sent you 12 dozen roses! I guess what I have learned is that people do not expect these things, and a nice email or phone call is often just as thoughtful. Now, Christmas is another story, and another whole blog post. Perhaps I will go back to missing this aspect of spending once December rolls around.

Convenience food. Oh, now don't get me wrong. We have had our share of using our McDonald's gift certificates and whatnot. But food made at home tastes better. Seriously. And you know what is good when you want a snack? You will laugh at me. Toast. Toast with butter. It never disappoints.

(That said, has anyone else tried the new 3 Musketeers with mint? Screw toast; it's the best snack ever. But when one is sticking to one's no-spending plan, toast it is.)

Entertainment. We do not need as much to keep us amused now. Our walks can be fascinating. Have I told you there is one block that has at least one cat at every house, and ALL of these cats let me pet them? That's all I need.

Credit card bills. 'Nuff said.


Linda .. the Aussie one! said...

I think your saving efforts are admirable. :o) What are the plans once the new year begins? Back into the swing of full on spending? Or just taking it easy with moderate spending??

Oh yeah .. on your walks with Marvin have you seen hide or hair of Kitty Doppelganger since he was run off your premises by your Winston?

June Cutoff Cash said...

Dear Linda the Aussie,

We are unsure how it'll go next year. We only did it to see what it'd be like, not to save up for any one purpose.

I saw Mr. Dopplekitty today, in fact, but not on a walk. I just went out to sit on the porch, and he was next door, but RAN when I opened my door. I think he has been good and threatened! I love him, though, even if he did torment my boy so much.

Pepper said...

In my house Hobo is a word we use daily. We actually use it in place of the word Crap (long, funny story). Conversations in my home go something like this. Oh hobo I forgot the milk at the store! Use hobo sometime this will make you smile!

Rosie Papaya said...

Dear June,
You are amazing. What an inspiration. What did you stock up on before you started not spending? Nicodemus Russell (husband's porn name) and I are thinking of not spending next year and I am OBSESSED with what I'd have to buy at Sephora to be able to make it through a year. Do you have any tips for us?
Miss you.
Rosie P.

Virgo limerick-writer said...

I'm with you. Tyra Banks is such a zero as a talk show host.

Virgo limerick-writer said...

I'm with you. Tyra Banks is such a zero as a talk show host.

dcrmom said...

This was an interesting list. The entertainment one is the most surprising. At the beginning of the year, you were so bored on the weekends. Now you are satisfied with long walks. That's COOL! :-)

Tee said...

I loved your post! I have to agree with you on the TV. However, I can't justify paying to watch television. If it weren't for PBS there would be hardly anything to watch, except for The Office. I agree with all of your don't miss list. Only thing, I would really miss Chick-fil-A. We do eat at home most of the time, but I have to have a fix on that chicken about once a week--the cows love it.

June Cutoff Cash said...

You know, Tee, we don't have a Chik-Fil-A here? Now, what is the point of moving to the South, then? I only ate there once, in 1986, when I weight about 117 pounds, which is neither here nor there. I just miss weighing 117 pounds.

Anonymous said...

Do you think this year will have changed you? That's what I wonder. Will spending be like an addiction thing where you'll be right back to where you were before (only with less disposable income than before since Marvin and you gave up your well paying jobs)? Maybe you will think more about it and appreciate your home cooked meals and long walks. Maybe you'll become like Aunt Mary and begin collecting jewelry, seasonal, of course.

Bronwyn said...

The shoes would do it for me. I'm a shoe addict. That and the hair stuff. My roots are screaming at me to DO something. Anything. Just do it. I hate being old.

Anonymous said...

Another cool thing: being able to decline invites to participate in lame entertainment because you can't spend the money.

People can't argue with that!


Anonymous said...

There has been no message from June since the end of September. I miss your writing and hope all is well with you and your family.
Elsie, also in NC.

June Cutoff Cash said...

Elsie in NC,

I have written almost every day in October and November! You should refresh your page, girl!


Anonymous said...

I figured out what I did...or didn't do. Your September page was on my Favorites, not your home page. Not so smart. Now I have nearly a month and a half of reading to do. I plan to laugh a lot tonight.


June Cutoff Cash said...

Oh thank heavens, Elsie. I was thinking about it last night. The same thing happens to me whenever I go to read bluepoppy. For some reason I am always on her page from like February.