Wednesday, September 5, 2007

You mean Shaquille O'Neal is AVAILABLE?

Do you think it is futuristic or pathetic that I was feeling sad, but reading dcrmom's blog today cheered me up? I mean, I have never actually spoken to dcrmom. But I consider her a dear friend who I check in with every day.

Seriously. Am I turning into a recluse? Am I becoming Miss Havisham?

To ward off plummeting any further than I have, I am happy to report that I have been working a bit. I had forgotten that back when I freelanced, I had worked a little for this company who emails you work that you can take or not.

How it works is, customers go on this company's website and say, "Here is my dissertation or my letter of recommendation or my novel or my website" (if you really said ALL those things at once, they may worry that you are biting off a bit much).

You turn said work in, and they email all the proofreaders (we had to take a RIGOROUS test to be one of their proofers). If you want the work, you go on their site and download it.

I had seriously kind of forgotten about them until Sunday night, when I instant messaged them and ended up getting some work immediately. I guess they still need people.

So, I've made like $112 so far, which I admit is not stellar, but it is better than watching our four TV channels and obsessively looking for work in Charlotte, which if you'll recall I said I would not do because it is an hour and a half away and I did not move from Los Angeles, where all I did was drive, to a place that has no eyelash perming or cranial sacral therapy (and yes, Catherine, I have had that done) to ALSO drive three hours a day. But there you go.

So that's what's happening over here. And oh. Does anyone have any idea how I can dredge up more readers? I seem stalled at about 110 a day. Which isn't bad, but for the first part of this year it was rising steadily and now I'm stalled. Have I become boring in my depression and ennui?


Anonymous said...

CST is good stuff--- I don't know if it actually works or not, but I have a massage therapist who always uses that technique so I'm cool with it-- it makes sense that it still takes time for the adjustment to a new life-- it will all come together-- now worries.


Anonymous said...

Dearest June, You will never be boring. Maybe you should reconsider working at the 7-11 though. Just think, you could meet people all the time. I think you like being around people .

Lara said...

So only 4 more months in the year have you and Marvin Gardens talked about if this nonspending will continue into 2008? If not what will you add back into your spending plan...inquiring minds want to know

June Cutoff Cash said...

Are you KIDDING?! I am SO excited to get shoes and clothes and watch movies, even tho there is no movie theater in this town. I am counting the days, girl.

But you have given me something new to blog about!

Bronwyn said...

June, have you also had eyelash perming? This fascinates me. If you have, do tell how it works. (I know how CST works. Sort of).

I read your blog every day, but sadly I have no concrete suggestions as to how you can dredge up more readers. You are as quirky and funny as they get, and I direct everyone I know to your site!

Oh, and as an aside, I have actually met dcrmom. Long time ago, but it's a small world, isn't it?

June Cutoff Cash said...

Dear Brownyn,

You MET dcrmom?! How cool are you?

I haven't had an eyelash perm, but I know someone who did, and apparently they just sort of brush some gunk on your eyelashes.

Sounds dangerous to me, tho.

Bronwyn said...

I agree, the eyelash perm sounds dangerous. And smelly!

Yes, dcrmom and I met for lunch in Philly after corresponding on Babycenter for a year and a half, starting when we were preggo with our November 1999 babies. She's the cool one, not me! I've since moved away from the area, but I hope to see her again some day. As it is, we've corresponded as a group almost daily since we were pregnant, so over 8 years now.

I was thinking about your work plight. Have you (gulp) ever thought of online English tutoring? Apparently there is a big market for it, but I have no idea how one gets involved in such a thing. Someone approached me about tutoring a couple of subjects at college (I've left the workforce and reentered the student force at the age of almost 43). I ran fast and far, but online tutoring might be a good way to make some bucks. If you could stand it.

Michigan J. Frog said...

Have you thought about writing a book about not spending? I am trying not to spend. I want to start in October when all of this back to school hub bub is over. Do you have a grocery budget? Which internet service do you have?

tamara cosby said...

ok...I am thoroughly curious how much schooling do you need to be a proofreader? What sort of degree?

Thank you girl!!! :) WE are looking for ways for me to bring in some extra cash while the place my husband works builds its business...TOO SLOW FOR OUR TASTE!!!

June Cutoff Cash said...

Hey, Tamara:

I have a degree in English, which in no real way helped me to be a proofreader. I just applied for a job to be one, took a hard test, and they let me in.

You have to be very. very. very. detail-oriented and really good with the English and such.

And MJ Frog? Writing a book does not really garner one any money. The only real money-makers are the NY Times bestseller people, who get advances. Which I am not and I do not.

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

I, too, love DCR Mom. She's my pretend bloggy friend, as are you.

You have 110 readers? I think I have like five. But I'm nowhere near as exciting and witty as you are. Sigh...

June Cutoff Cash said...

Oh, go on with your bad self, stie. You are too witty. And I should probably not be such a Greedy Gus with the wanting readers!

Catherine said...

Oops -- didn't mean to offend with the cranial sacral therapy remark! I should watch my mouth, er, my fingers. Often I am too much of a skeptic for my own good. Also, I make way too many faux pas for comfort. I'm sorry. I really think that anything that helps a person is a good thing.

June Cutoff Cash said...

No, Catherine, no!!! I was telling you because I thought it was silly also too. I did it because I was obsessed with Dr. Andrew Weil and his book told me to. The results? Um. None.

Max said...

Hi Miss Cash, I've been avidly reading your blog since January as I am also not buying anything this year. Let's just say your description of the experience is much funnier than mine. And less crabby. If you really want A LOT of people to read your blog then I am happy to post a link to your blog to The Compact,an online community of 8500 environmentalists/modern homesteaders/voluntary simplicity devotees/nutty nutbars (guess which catagory I fall under) who have pledged to buy nothing new for 12 calendar months.

June Cutoff Cash said...

Hi Max! Thanks for reading my blog! I tried to get over to your blog, if there is one, but couldn't connect to it. Yeah, put me on there! However, I have been far from perfect this year. Still, seeing my makeup and shoes, I haven't bought a hell of a lot, that's for sure. Write back if you see this and tell me your blog if you have one!

Max said...

I don't have a blog because I am eleventy years old and bad at time management. But here's the original Compact site with explanation:

I'll post a link to your site to The(big)Compact group which has 8500 members.

I'm with your other commentatertots, you should write a book. I'll refer my book agent buddy to your site if you're really interested, but just being modest about your writing. And, if you ever want to sell out to Hollywood, please let me know. I'm a film producer).

June Cutoff Cash said...

Okay, I heart Max. You are my new bext friend. And I looked at the blog and you are much better people than I am. But I love what you are doing. And what are ya, nuts? Of COURSE if someone wants me to write a book, I will! I am hardly modest about..well really anything.