Tuesday, September 25, 2007

June Virtually Shops

Is that title sort of misleading? It makes it sound like I sort of shopped. When in reality I REALLY shopped. And it was chilling.

I have had a Sephora gift certificate in my purse since my birthday, which, for those of you who don't know, was well over TWO MONTHS AGO. The certificate was given to me by my stepsister Una and her husband Bill -- who are pictured here along with my mother and me when I was "blond." We are all standing in front of something depressing back in our old Burbank, California neighborhood. I have no idea why we decided to capture this on film, or why Marvin Gardens structured the photo in this 'everyone on the left' manner. Perhaps he was being arty.

This is so unlike me. Not the part where I am standing in front of something depressing. I mean the gift certificate part. There is nothing better than Sephora. Go back to one of my first posts, in December, where I go on and on about it.

For me to not spend this certificate right away is like, well, it's like me having a gift certificate to Sephora and not using it.

Now, we COULD say that going 10 months without buying stuff like this (and screaming over to CVS to buy emergency makeup for an interview is not the same...and even that was seven months ago) maybe got me out of the habit of purchasing.

I actually think I just kind of forgot I had the dang thing because we moved 2,500 miles from our home and I had to get used to the whole lack of 2,997,000 people thing and I got all depressed and such.

But thank goodness I rallied around and went on line to that sephora.com. (Had there been one anywhere near me, I'd have gone in and savored the moment and saved on the shipping, which ate into my certificate. But we do not even have a COFFEE SHOP in this town. We do not have a YMCA. Or a movie theater. "Hey! Let's plop this high-falutin' makeup store in this dinky town, over here next to the John Deere!")

Can I just tell you? If I thought going without buying my cosmetics would make me get over the thrill? I was SO. WRONG!

I got me some nudey pink lipstick because the only color I have left now is a berry which makes me look like I should be muttering to myself and holding a Cabbage Patch doll.

Then I got me some nudey pink lip gloss, for those times when nudey pink lipstick is just...too much.

THEN I got all up in the eye shadow and I got a duo that contained a pink shadow and a tweed. I do not think that I will literally be placing tweed fabric on my eyelid; I think it was a fancy way of saying "brown."

Whose job is it to name makeup? I want that job. "Tres noir." "Tarnish." "Emotion." "Whisper." Those are the names of the makeup I have here in my bag right now. And I can tell you they are, in order, black mascara, green eye pencil, a beigy-color blush and some pale lavender eye shadow. Who gets to sit there and say, "Beigy-color blush. That sounds like 'Emotion' to me."

Anyway, the items come in one to two business days and all I can say is business in the front, party in the back. Which makes no sense unless you are really into mullets. Me and my nudey-pink lips will talk at you later.


dcrmom said...

Fun! Love makeup. Come to Philly. I have a Sephora in my mall. :-)

Bronwyn said...

How exciting! I'm sure you can't wait to get it all. What brands do you use? I'm always curious. I used to be a MAC girl (Being Canadian and all!) and then I switched to GloMinerals, which I like a lot.

I want the O.P.I just of naming nail polish "Rushin' to a Tea Party" and "Cha Ching Cherry". Fun job.

June Cutoff Cash said...

dcr, the horror on your face when I show up January 1 and say, "Get your purse! We are GOIN' to Sephora!" will be priceless.

Look for big hair. That'll be me.

And Bronwyn? The first two were Sephora brand (10 bucks each) and the eye shadow was Clinique. But most of all, I loooooves the Smashbox. Go get their under-the-foundation serum. Your life will be complete.

sabrina duncan said...

You could NOT have picked a topic I know less about unless you were discoursing over nuclear pleuralism in the 21st century.

By the way, I still have the cosmetics from my free makeup application on my wedding day.

oh, and you'll be happy, delighted even, to know that I've added your pic to my picture montage on myspace. You and grandma are both on there.

Bronwyn said...

Oh, fun! I love this kind of thing. dcrmom and I have been discussing hair fixes all day! Is this the stuff you mean? I don't know this brand! I might have to hit this store on Thursday...


June Cutoff Cash said...

What in the name of all that is holy and merciful is nuclear pleuralism? Is that a bunch of nuclears? Good Lord. Now I have to Google.

And would you toss the 2001 makeup already? If your makeup is pre-Brad and Angelina, it GOES.

And Bronwyn, love you for checking comments. I never know if people do. And YES! that is the stuff. Go get it now. Break into your local Sephora. Or Nordstorm. Worth it.

Anonymous said...

My paltry contribution to your hair is on its way. I was somewhat taken aback (as opposed to fatback), when I saw some of the prices on the products that were sent my Dear John letter. Hope some of them come in handy. It also took me some time to read containers so that I didn't send you any volumizing stuff-which is what I lack--on my hair anyway.

Anonymous said...

Your mother looks pretty hot in that picture.

June Cutoff Cash said...

What is sad? Is the person who left the above comment is either (A) actually my mother or (B) my old boyfriend.

You both are creepy.

Michigan J. Tired Frog said...

She who names make-up....that is the perfect job for you. Perfect.

Wait. Naming make-up or naming cats would be the perfect job for you.

June, do you know if our friend who introduced us to green sauce on the Taco Bell bean burrito, has a website about free and inexpensive things to do in Mid Michigan for families? How is that for a run on sentence? If there is such a website, could you or someone else pass it along?

Thank you.

P.S. Is Marvin Gardens just completly exhausted after teaching all day? I think I need some vitamins. whew.

Anonymous said...

Your description of this photo is great, when I first saw it, I thought for sure that the background was something significant since the people in the photo were positioned in a way to encapsulate the fence and building so well.

Yay for virtual shopping!


Emily said...

Do you know that I went to sephora.com and typed "nudey pink" in the search engine?