Friday, August 17, 2007

Rain Man

I am pretty excited, because my German man is sticking out of his house.

That sounded vaguely dirty, didn't it?

Because my taste in decorating runs toward 1950s gramma, one of my prized possessions is one of those German weather houses where if it's sunny, the woman comes out, and if it's going to rain, the man comes out.

Having lived in LA all that time, that poor man was practically agoraphobic. The woman is all careworn and faded by the sun, outside constantly like a roofer or a person who sells fruit on the corner, but the man is still fresh and bright. He probably never buys sunscreen.

Anyway, there is a 30% chance of rain here today, and the sky is dark, and my German man is sticking right out! It is all very exciting.

My friend Dottie's cat died yesterday (she said, leaping onto a depressing topic at the speed of sound). Walter was only four, and he was particularly lovely. Dottie is pretty much the Ellie May Clampett of Michigan, she has 47,000 animals, but Walter was dear to her heart and she is just brokenhearted over this.

Now, this would normally be a time I would send flowers. I like to send flowers, and it is a kind gesture. Besides, it's what Dottie would do for me under the same circumstances. As it is, since I cannot spend, I have called her and emailed her and sent her good thoughts. Please do the same. It's not flowers, but it is something.

And speaking of my lack of gifts, this is my expensive time. Between July 25th (Aunt Mary's birthday) and August 25th (Aunt Kathy's birthday), I have 12 birthdays to celebrate. I have one a day between August 10 and 14.

Last year, I spent over $1,000 on these birthdays. I am not making this up. I had no idea I had spent that much until Marvin rather crankily told me at the end of the month.

This year, I have pretty much spent nothing on any of these people. And these are all Leos, folks. They need the ticker tape parade and the brass band each and every year. But everyone has been pretty good about it.

Anyway, I am going to get into the shower now. If the weather holds, and my German said it won't, we are going to the high school football game. Does that cost? I have not been to a high school football game since 1984. Do we get to drink Southern Comfort in the parking lot first? Is Joe Slomkowski having a kegger after?

Anyway, go whatever team! Arthur Hill High School! Class of '83! Whoo! (Sorry. Had a flashback.)


JennaG said...

I don't know if public school football games cost, but private school games here are $6 per adult. Have fun. Glad your German's out.

your pitiful pal from MA said...


Are you ever going to get email at your house?


And, onto more serious subjects. I feel terrible for your friend Dottie. She must be inconsolable right now. 4 years old is FAR too young. Poor Dottie...

Anonymous said...

Please send my condolences to Dottie. I'm still getting over losing Tawny 5 years ago. And by the way, I'm a Virgo.

Anonymous said...

Being the fruGal Leo that I am, please never spend that much on Birthdays again. It is nice to be remembered & I love me those little boxes to open-just ask Uncle Omar- but I love being you Aunt much more. Seeing you in July was gift enough.

Anonymous said...

Our hearts go out to Dottie. Losing a pet is so very difficult.

Misc Amy said...

Oh JCC, seeing as I too adore the stylings of a 1950's grandma I am shocked that I never knew such a kitschy barometric item existed. I'm sure Miss Mexico has her sights set on our fine lederhosen friend... Desperate Housewives on the mantel!

I miss you. We miss you. Clifton's misses you.

PacMan said...

We're at Slomkowsi's! Where the f are you?!!!

sabrina duncan said...

If you wanted your German man out (that IS sooo dirty), you should have moved back to Seattle! He would have mold on him in no time, as it is raining today.

My condolences to Dottie. Sadness.