Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sylvia Plath after electroshock called. She feels better.

I have literally seven minutes here at my new hang, the library, to pop in and thank you all for your kind words. I love my new blogging friends! You all cheer me up tremendously. And is anyone else worried about Miss Doxie, who has not blogged since June?

We are feeling better today. First of all, our cats finally flew in. I never thought I'd ask my cats, "How was your flight?" but there it is. I do not know if they had an in-flight movie or anything. At any rate, they seem terribly glad to see us and are all three obsessed with the attic, which is cute and finished and has knotty pine walls, so I can see the appeal, but hello? It is 7,450 degrees up there. Why do cats like to torment themselves in this way?

Today I called here at the library to see if they had a research librarian on staff, as I do not have a computer, a phone book, or -- really -- anything at home. And we need a plumber. They said they could help me and I said, "Yes, I need a local plumber, could you find one?" The librarian covered the phone with her hand and yelled, "Shelby? Who's a good plumber?"

Now, does the research librarian get more money, or how does that work?

Also, two men came today to deliver our washer and dryer (yes, we had to buy one. Our washer/dryer at home was a gas, although I never thought it was that fun, really, and we needed electric here), and they were back in my laundry room installing and being manly. Do you know I could not understand ONE WORD they were saying? I mean, I just left LA where no one spoke English as a first language, and I understood everyone just fine. These people were speaking English, actual English, and I sat there on the floor in the living room trying to make out one single word!


Anyway, my time is up and I do not want my new people to hate me. Catch ya.


Anonymous said...

Ok, Im breathing a little better now.

dcrmom said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better. It must be a different world! Did you ever see the movie Son-In-Law? I expect you feel much like the "son-in-law" in that movie. ;-)

WanjiSan said...

Heya, June, just in case any of your readers wish to keep up on things via RSS, here's your feed addresses:

Posts: http://byebyebuy.blogspot.com/atom.xml;

Comments: http://byebyebuy.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/default

Peace out.

Rosie Papaya said...

Oh how LA misses you and your fabulous pink sparkly self. No mani/pedi place? No reiki? No Fred Segal? I don't understand. Please post pictures!

Anonymous said...

It's so good to hear from you again. The other commentors last time are so right, it always takes a while to adjust to something so different. You have NO TRAFFIC, NO
405, NO 101, no calling to reserve a ticket for a movie (can you see a movie there?). Anyway, there is always Netflix to keep you connected. This is another part of the real world, you have some roots in that part of the country, and I can't wait to hear you develop an accent, y'all.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to America! Just don't get hooked on sweet tea

Kellie said...


Somehow I missed this post yesterday!

You make me laugh.

Out Loud.

And make me miss NC.

And the way they talk. I still fall into my (learned) southern drawl from time to time.

It doesn't go over as well here.


June Cutoff Cash said...

Dear Kellie,

Right before I left California, more than one person mentioned my Michigan accent, which no one has mentioned in quite a while (I've been gone 15 years). So, I think my accent was coming back because I was stressed.

I wonder if I will get an accent?

Tee said...

LOL! Sweet tea is SOUTHERN TABLE WINE! Yes, you will develop a southern drawl, somewhat, like "bi ya'll" and "hey, ya'll". You'll get it, eventually. You will learn to understand the southern English. Our pastor is from England and he's even learning, well, he's actually making fun of our minister of music and his wife, who are, by the way, from NC. :-) He actually does a southern accent very well.

sabrina duncan said...

bless your heart.

Timmy needs to come over STAT. Timmy, your momma needs to help this girl out!!