Thursday, August 30, 2007

All my eggs in one basket

Oh my God, I haven't written a damn thing since Sunday. I had no idea. I do not want to be one of those nonwriting people.

I have nothing fascinating to tell you, so for yucks I will add a photo of me at my friend Lisa's last month. I guess I have failed to mention to you that I am the Burger King. All this time you just thought I was some schlub, didn't you?

It is like Thursday night, I think, (it all runs together when you are basically JOBLESS) and I have just spent an inordinate amount of time lying upside down on the bed, watching a thunderstorm. It was one of the really good ones, where they sky lights all up and the crack of thunder is really loud. Winston sat in the open window and watched it with me. Even though he is an L.A. cat, who has never seen a thunderstorm in all his two years, he is completely unfazed by this dramatic turn of weathery events.

So, I did some proofreading for the statistics textbook company that I used to freelance for all the time, but that is really all the work I have gotten. Someone commented recently here that we are probably saving a lot of money because North Carolina is so much cheaper than Los Angeles.

True, but we also have not brought IN any money since God was a child. Marvin just started his new teaching job last week, and before that he had not worked (other than some substitute teaching) since May 23rd. And my last day of having a real job was July 27.

So basically? August? We made no money. And we moved across the country, which isn't expensive at all, as you can imagine. Even though we used the cheap "you pack half this truck and we will pack the other half with some mysterious freight which will result in you seeing the world's biggest cockroach in your laundry room" moving truck.

So I really have no idea how much money we currently have. I mean, I know we have savings. But I am afraid to really look.

You know when we started this year of not spending? And I said money can't bring happiness? I still think that's really true, but it turns out that feeling insecure about where money is coming from brings me sweatiness. Seriously, I am like Elvis in concert right now. I HATE this.

So that's where yours truly is right now. And I do know that things will look up. I have sent resumes everywhere to be a freelance proofer. And there's always plasma donation. Am I too old to donate my eggs? Do 42-year-old even HAVE eggs? Where?

At any rate, I know for a fact that money things always work themselves out. And we are not destitute. We are not anywhere near the poor I was when I was a receptionist living alone in Seattle, where I could have toilet paper, or coffee filters, or paper towels. But never, ever could I afford all three at once. Did a lot of the wiping with coffee filters, I can tell you.

Won't you come over and have coffee with me soon?


WanjiSan said...

I never believed the thing about money and happiness completely. Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy your way out of a lot of stress. As David Lee roth put it: "Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a boat big enough to sail right up next to it".

Kathryn said...

Hunh. Using coffee filters for wiping; hmm, I would have thought newspaper, 'cause the autotrader paper is free. I love your blog, got here through uniqueandunrepeatable. Have been reading since the beginning of July, gone back and read all the archives. Love it!
As you said, money woes tend to work themselves out. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that something works out job-wise. In the meantime, isn't it good that you had all that training for not spending? It's like you've been practicing for this since January! Best of luck!

gramakas said...

Hello there... I'm fessing up to being a regular lurker on your most enjoyable blog... and I thought I was adventureous! You are a modern-day pioneer what with traversing the country with no money and starting your life over in a new local -- I'm so impressed! I'm heading out east next week as my husband does these crazy bicycle trips each year and he has chosen to beat himself up on the Blue Ridge Parkway from Waynesboro, VA to Asheville, NC. (I posted about it on my blog) I get to come along and drive the "support vehicle" (read: rental car) and while he bikes, I explore quirky towns along the way. If you have moved near the Great Smokey Mountains, I am just curious if you have seen or done anything that I should be sure not to pass up. When we were first married, we lived in Fayetteville, NC while he was stationed at Fort Bragg and we ventured to Grandfather Mountain one weekend but that was 36 years ago so I don't remember much. Maybe this would be a fun outing for the two of you -- I hear the mile-high swinging bridge if free!

June Cutoff Cash said...

Wow, two delurkers in one day! How exciting! Thanks you for unlurking yourselves.

gramakas, we are checking out Asheville for the first time this weekend, actually. My grandparents lived near there back in the '80s, and they really liked that Vanderbilt mansion, the Biltmore. They had season passes and everything.

And come back and tell us your blog address! When I click your name I can't get to it! I want to read about these biking adventures.

And yes, kathryn, I agree, I HAVE been practicing to not spend, and that is really good, or else I'd be even more depressed, for sure. (And do you have a blog?)

Anonymous said...

Yay! You're back! I am usually one of those "non-writing people" but I have to say that I am not too thrilled with given a dose of my own medicine here.

I'm sorry you are sweaty. Funny story though, my husband, for the longest time used to write letters to his old girlfriend and didn't know for like 3 years that he was writing sweaty instead of sweetie.

And you need to convert to Wordpress. There's nothing more frustrating than not being able to converse with your commenters on Blogger. I know the feeling.


gramakas said...

I just checked my profile and you are so right... it doesn't lead you to my blog... sorry. You can visit me at I'm so excited to hear that you are going to Asheville. Be sure to post about your finds. I did get a great recommendation for the Biltmore estate so that is on my "check it out" list. Have a great weekend!

dcrmom said...

SNORRRRRRRRRRRT!!!! I'll have coffee with you anyday. :-) Heck, I'll have coffee with anyone, hahaha!

Michigan J. Frog said...

My Granpa tells me that Asheville is his very favorite city of all. Aunt Wende and Uncle Hugh also have relatives there and they just visited last month. They loved it!
Enjoy!! the you remember what you were doing one year ago? We were sitting in the desert with a thirsty 5 year old waiting for a very late train. I bet Asheville will be better than that.

Michigan J. Frog said...

June... I think I remember you using toilet paper for a coffee filter.

Renee said...

Mmmm... Now I know how you made that delicious coffee!!

Catherine said...

June (great screen name), your blog is hilarious. I've added your site to mine, hope that's ok.