Friday, June 29, 2007

One man's junk is another man's junk that they bought for a dollar.

Tomorrow morning we are having a garage sale. Actually, we are calling it a moving sale, as that sounds more classy. "Hey! Here's all our crap that we don't want cause we're moving! Come take it off our hands!" Yep. Classy.

Did you ever notice that the word "classy" is just the opposite?

One realizes how not spartan one is when one gets ready to move, doesn't one? (Does one wonder how many times one can say "one" in one sentence?) We are selling much of my once-exciting snowglobe collection, clothes we no longer fit into cause we're heifers, books that we thought we might read again but haven't because we are intellectually stifled, and oh! with the knickknacks. Good Lord, we are knickknack-y people. You'd think we were 72 years old.

Remember in the '70s when everybody's mom had like eighty-six Avon perfume bottles on their dresser? Or was that just moms in Michigan? There were the doll bottles that wore hoop skirts, men's cologne in racing-car bottles, and the ever-present Sweet Honesty, for the "I still want to be young" mom.

I recently found a bunch of Sweet Honesty roll-on deodorant at an Amish store and bought some for everyone I could think of. Well, I guess it wasn't THAT recently, as it couldn't have been this year. At any rate, I think I thought I was way funnier than any of my Sweet-Honesty-sweat-smelling recipients. I thought I was heeeeelarious.

I will write again soon to inform you of the results of our classy Moving Sale. Also, please note that our savings went up again, to $17,550, and one of my freelance jobs already paid me, so technically I will have $18,000 total in savings once I get to the bank. However, Marvin Gardens has decided to pay off my car before we sell it for the move, and to do so he is taking the money out of savings. But we will get that money right back when we sell the car, so I am not going to futz with the total in savings if that is all right with you.

And come on by tomorrow! Buy our crap! Give it a good home! No early birds.


NspiredByFaith said...

I'm so sorry that I don't live nearby. Otherwise I might come by to check out your crap. Of course I wouldn't come by too early! I don't usually go to yard sales or moving sales or whatever due to the fact that my belief is that if they don't need the junk, neither do I! Congratulations on your savings total, that's great!


Kellie said...

Have fun!

I love going to garage...uh, moving...sales to people watch. People buy weird stuff! And whoo! are some shoppers VERY serious about it!


Bologna sandwich said...

Um...this has nothing to do with moving or sales due to moving but June....I thought you may like a blast from the past. I saw Mr. Lead Singer of My Dog Bob last night. Can we say, "HUBBA HUBBA?!" I am telling you...he never EVER looked better...and he wasn't even my favorite dog. Holy hot I sat there with my staring eyeballs...GOOD GOD! I hope I wasn't drooling.