Saturday, June 30, 2007

$317 richer

(Note our snow globes lining the curb. Who loves herself?) I guess our moving sale was a hit. We made at least $317, and I think more, but it is impossible to say because Marvin kept putting the money in different places all day. I kept thinking the money was stolen. "It's in the orange box," he'd tell me, then "It's in the yellow thing in the bedroom" then "It's in my pocket." So $317 is what I found in the SILVER thing he said it was in at the end of the day.

And could the end of the day have gotten here sooner? People showed at up SEVEN, even though the signs clearly said 8:00. These were the professionals. They even knew each other. I heard them say, "See you tomorrow!" It reminded me of that cartoon where the sheep dog and the wolf punch in at the time clock and say, "Hello, Sam" "Hello, Ralph" then spend the rest of the day trying to outsmart each other.

Our cat Winston was delighted to have people over. He is seriously the most sociable cat I have ever met. He just sat in the yard like a sentinel. A couple people asked how much he was, and one busybody tried to tell us a coyote could come right up into the yard during the sale and eat Winston.
As you can see, we tried giving him a name tag but he was having none of it. That picture of him ripping it off makes me pee a little every time I look at it.

At one point, I was in our beanbag chair, and Marvin told a guy that the beanbag was $5 and I was $2. The guy said, "You'll have to move. I want the chair." He wouldn't even buy me for TWO DOLLARS?! Insulting.

Speaking of which, I have mentioned before (but am too lazy to find out where then provide you with a link), we have a Winchell's Doughnuts on our corner that old men in cowboy hats hang out at (like my prepositions) and today was no exception. I walked down there to hang our sign and on the way someone had their sprinkler going. Because I am 10 years old, I jumped through it and got all wet. I even had to wipe off my glasses. It was delightful.

So, I get to Winchell's and the men in hats are being particularly nice to me. They're telling me where to hang the sign, they're helping hold it up. Really nice.

On the way home I realized. The sprinkler had made my tank top COMPLETELY SEE-THROUGH.

Finally, in the late afternoon, we just gave stuff away. Less to schlep to North Carolina.

And I'd like you all to know that Marvin wanted to CHEAT with our winnings today. He wanted to go to a movie or to a restaurant, but I stayed strong. The winner of the Winchell's wet T-shirt contest has to stick with her convictions.


emilyhope said...

Pretty good haul for a moving sale. Glad you were such entertainment for the menfolk. Thanks for the giggles.

Bronwyn said...

I am just unpacking from a recent cross country move, and all I can say is GET RID OF EVERYTHING! Well... maybe not the snowglobe collection. My daughter has a similar one and we just unearthed hers today, much to her squealing delight.

Flea said...

Hey lady.

I FINALLY popped over after the husband said you almost made him pee himself. I figure any woman with that power must be congratulated and admired.

Or not.

As Renee is leaving and so are you, I think I'll not see you again unless we happen to be in Maui at the same time. But what a time that would be. Oh the hijinx that would ensue.

Be well, lady. I plan on keeping track of you here. L.A. will diminish in your absence.


June Cutoff Cash said...

Thanks, Flea. I am honored that you and Juan Valdez have read my blog!

Isn't this sad? I called Renee's number out of habit and it was disconnected.

I hate change.

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Just think of the thrill you gave those little old cowboys. They'll probably be talking about you for months.

Becky said...

Cute kitty photos!

sabrina duncan said...

I hate change too. I decided not to take the job with Charlie's other team. I mean, who could leave Kelly and Jill?

Did you sell any snow globes? I feel they are a part of me - I still think of buying them for you and then I realize you've moved on...

Deena said...

LOL!! I love you!!

June Cutoff Cash said...

Why, thank you, Deena! I wish when people checked my profile, it would play a song. How do you do that?