Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Nobody puts Barry in a corner


Barry Gibb is HERE, in LOS ANGELES, right NOW!!!!!!!!! I know this because I am on my lunch hour right now, so naturally I got right on, and he TOLD us all he is in LA! He is doing the "American Idol" guest whatever.

(At work, I do not have the option of doing links or of italicizing my words, hence the air quotes around "American Idol." I also do not have spellcheck. I do not like blogging at work. And note to any supervisors reading my blog, again, I am at LUNCH right now. Okay, back to my Bee Gee freakout.)

Oh. My. God!

Last time he came to LA that I knew about was in like 2005, and I knew the exact dates, which were a span of three weeks, and do you know I had SEVERE strep throat from the day he got here till the day he left? I think that was God's way of keeping me from being arrested for stalking.

Other than that breaking news, I forgot to mention that I quit the softball team. Yes, I am a quitter. Sue me.

But I wasn't really being very realistic. I mean, first, I cannot play softball. So there's that.

But also, all the games and practices were over on this side of town, hours after I leave work. So I would have to drive an hour home then an hour later drive BACK to this part of town, or else wait for hours on this side of town without spending any money, till said practices or games began.

I even tried to do that once or twice. I brought dinner things to work, along with lunch things, but by the time 4:30 came, I was in no mood to sit in my car with my dinner till 7 p.m. or whatever.

So I am unreliable. A big flake. Nobody likes a quitter.


Oh, and finally, my fabulous coworker, who has had a song written about her and everything, DID indeed bring me her conditioner, which is good, as Bernie from "Room 222" called and wants his hair back.

I think that is all my news that is fit to print. Oh, except that I am sick of my clothes.


Anonymous said...

Okay...I LOVE BG!!! I clicked on your link the other day, and spent hours looking at that stuff.

And, the other night when AI announced that BG would be next week's mentor, I almost hyperventilated! My hubby looked seriously worried about me, lol. I am SO EXCITED to watch it!

I am a bit jealous that you are so NEAR to him right now. Hope you get to see him.

dcrmom said...

Who the heck is Barry Gibb?

June Cutoff Cash said...

Oh no you didn't, dcrmom.