Tuesday, May 1, 2007

News in Brief. And no, I am not wearing briefs.

I have approximately one minute to shower or else I will be late, so I will briefly update y'all. (I have to stop reading southern bloggers.)

We did not take the place in Hancock Park for myriad reasons. I know, I am annoying.

I purchased new hair conditioner, as I ran out of the lovely John Freida stuff I bought in bulk before this year. I found some Suave Naturals Refreshing Waterfall Mist conditioner for -- are you ready? -- 99 cents! It has watermint extract and vitamin E! My hair looks ridiculous. Someone at work, without me mentioning my new 99-cent conditioner, said, "I have some extra conditioner I'd like to give you." This is not a good sign.

And finally, we put $450 more into savings, which brings us up to $12,650. Sort of yay. Not as good as we were doing.

Okay, that's it. Off to Suave my head. Theirs does not do what mine did for a lot less, Peppy Whitemore.


Anonymous said...

You know...if I did not use a good conditioner...a REALLY good conditioner I would have to cut off all my hair. My hair would just turn to straw...and I don't have as much hair as you do. So...I would eat RAMEN noodles for a few weeks so I could afford my good conditioner. By the way, has anyone out there read a REALLY good book recently? If so, could you share with me the title, please?

dcrmom said...

Suave hair products suck. Good to know. Glad you figured that out so I don't have to. ;-)

June Cutoff Cash said...

It's not that I can't AFFORD good hair conditioner, anonymous, it is that we are spending as little as possible this year. So no Ramen for me. Plus, those Ramens are LOADED with fat.

Peppy Whitemore said...

Sorry I steered you wrong June, but what would I know really about hair. Gone is my luscious golden afro of the 80's I know you so adored. Since the whole "Bald is Fast" days inspired by Kent(aka Coach),and the Army thing I've found that the shorter I keep mine the better. As such, a bottle of Suave usually last me a year. Fortunately for me despite my probable miss treatment it has decided to stay with me all these years. In closing although I applaud your efforts to quell your consumption and expenditures, I do feel that if a certain product, shoe, sandwich, whatever gives you enjoyment and satisfaction, you should not deny yourself. We're not going to take it with us. Hell I nearly died twice last year. Know what I mean?

Peppy Whitemore said...

Oops! I actually meant to write "mistreatment" rather than miss treatment which is a whole other story!