Monday, March 12, 2007

I Heart People

I was going to call this blog entry "Odds-n-Ends," cause there is nothing that bugs me more than when people use "n" like that. Are you THAT BUSY that you can't just spell out 'and'? Seriously? Are you on your way to perform a tracheotomy?

When I was in college, I worked at my hometown newspaper in the Weddings department. Basically I took the forms people filled out to announce their nuptials, then I got to write the announcement for the paper. (This while I was embroiled in the world's worst relationship, convinced I would never marry anyone.) At any rate, one time this woman gave me her form, and she had written "mother-n-law" and "father-n-law."


But I digress. Cause I really do heart people today, even people who say "ATM machine" and "for all intensive purposes."

As you know, I joined my work softball team. Well, today I came to work and told our coach that I could not join. Marvin Gardens and I had been to Big 5 Sporting Goods (I am surprised they even let me in), and baseball gloves were like $40. Plus we have to pay $10 to join the team, and it is suggested that we buy cleats. I told our coach (okay, it's cracking me up to keep referring to him that way. He is a 25-year-old kid. But he is our coach) that not spending is really my first priority this year, and there was too much spending going on to join this team.

I felt like a jerk. I hate saying I'll do something and then not following through.

After lunch, I was toiling away when I felt stared at. There was my coach and another guy from our softball team, standing pregnantly in my doorway. "Will you join now?" they asked, and threw a brand-new, PINK glove at me. (Naturally I ducked and cowered.)

Now, how nice is that? So now I pretty much have to join. Our first practice was tonight, but I am sorry to report that I wore a pink cardigan with pink sparkly sequins on it, black capri pants and silver shiny ballet slippers to work, so my coach (tee-hee) said I did not have to come to practice, as all the real players would beat me.

So then when I got home, there was a box waiting for me, and do you know my good friend Dot sent me Girl Scout cookies? Three kinds! She knew how badly I was wanting them and I couldn't buy them this year. Dot is the coolest friend ever.

You know, this year of not spending was supposed to be for me to see what is was like to go without. But with the people I have around me, I see that I will never be without anything.


dcrmom said...

Yeah, seriously. Doesn't sound like you're hurtin' for much. Except maybe an apartment closer to work.

Do you know it takes as many characters to write hurtin' as it does to write hurting? But hurtin' is really what I was hearing when I typed that.

All intensive purposes. SNORT!

June Cutoff Cash said...

I do not mind the hurtin' in place of hurting, dcrmom, when it is in context. But the -n- in place of and drives me bats. The -n- in place of "in" like that poor girl at the Wedding counter just about slayed me.

I know I am a terrible snob, and I am sure I often annoy those who are good at math, geography, sports...

noneemac said...

I read this post 'n a NY Minute.

Over 'n' out.