Thursday, March 15, 2007

Howard Hughes, the Eiffel Tower and Gas Pumps

Last night, Marvin Gardens made me go out in the back yard for softball practice. I am afraid that he bought a bat, and also some balls, which are referred to as softballs, which to me that means they should feel like powder puffs. They didn't.

Anyway, we stood out there in the backyard and Marvin HIT the ball at me with a BAT. And do you know that most often I caught it? He said I just had to get that wince-y, terrified look off my face and I'll be fine.

Then I batted. And again, Marvin rated me as, "Surprisingly good."

I will have you all know that my Uncle Deb was a Boston Red Sock or something. Maybe he just wore red socks in Boston. No! He was actually on the team and then he got drafted to go to Korea. If my Uncle Deb is reading my blog, perhaps he can tell me the details. (Aunt Kathy, can you forward this to him?)

So I'm just sayin'. It's in my genes. Maybe I'll be remarkably good at this. Maybe I will be the star player.

Maybe Howard Hughes will fly me to work tomorrow. On a unicorn.

In other news, I got a nice Eiffel Tower key chain from my friend Sandy today (she went to Paris. I collect Eiffel Towers. 'nuff said.) and I also got free, elaborate flowers from work. Also, today I bravely returned to the gas station where I once drove off with the pump. Actually, it was not so brave. I was just SO COMPLETELY out of gas that I had no choice. Fortunately, they did not kick me out or anything. And I remembered this time to put the pump back.

So all in all, a good no-spending day. And have you LOOKED at our SAVINGS thus far? Don't you want to smack us? Why don't you join your workplace's softball team, then you can play against me and bitch slap me with your glove.


jtcosby said...

You, my friend, make me smile. And today, I needed to smile, so thank you for just being you. :)

June Cutoff Cash said...

Well, thanks, jtcosby! That's so nice!

Uncle Omar said...

I've been thinking about what you can do with all that money you've been saving since you posted about it a few days ago. My suggestion is that rather than you and Marvin Gardens going to Maui, you send your favorite aunt and her husband, your uncle, to Maui instead. She, and he, would certainly appreciate it.

June Cutoff Cash said...

Great idea! I'll call my Aunt Kathy right away!!

June Cutoff Cash said...

blah blah blah test test test

Anonymous said...

blah again

Emily said...

How much did you end up saving in total?