Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Day!!

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday, along with April Fool's Day, as anyone who remotely knows me can unfortunately attest to. I have liked V-Day since I was a kid; I think it is because all the decorations are pink and girly and lacy. My Aunt Mary has always sent me a gift for Valentine's Day for as long as I remember, cause I have always been excited by it.

That said, this will be the first year since 8th grade that I have not received flowers for Valentine's Day. Since we are not spending, it cannot happen.

I know I sound annoying and spoiled, by the way, stating the above. One year, I actually had no boyfriend for Valentine's Day. I would guess it was about 1996. My roommate at the time, Paula, was TICKLED by this prospect. "See, now you'll know what it's like for the rest of us when we have no boyfriend on Valentine's Day." Well, I ended up getting Secret Admirer flowers. How much do you want to hit me right now?

Anyway, I am fine with not getting flowers. I think. We'll see tomorrow at work when 75 women get paged to come to the front desk to receive their flowers and my name is never called.

However, I am VERY proud of what I have done for Marvin Gardens. With the help of an artistic woman at work, we took the Marvin Gardens property piece from an old Monopoly game and scanned it. Then we changed the info on the card to reflect our lives. For example, the rent on the card is now $1600, which is our real rent.

Anyway, my artistic coworker made the cutest card out of said scanned piece. Then I came home tonight and made drop sugar cookies, which Marvin G. loves. So, for free, since I had all the ingredients at home -- and by the way, can you die from using expired baking powder? -- I made a much cooler and more personalized Valentine for my Valentine. Wayyyy better than the year I spent $20 on silk boxers with hearts that he never wore.


Jenn said...

Those gifts from the heart are the best ones of all!

And I'm pretty sure expired baking powder won't hurt you any. Your cookies might be flatter than they should be though.

Happy Valentine's Day!

mynameisgee said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

dcrmom said...

I want to make cookies, but I can't find my heart shaped cutter. Grrr. Oh well. My dear Valentine might be gettin nuttin. :-)

sabrina duncan said...

I want a cookie!