Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Celebrity sighting is free

Attached please find a very bad picture of Danny Bonaduce, taken with my cell phone while driving down Melrose yesterday. He is at the front of the pack there, with short sleeves.

Danny Bonaduce was Danny on "The Partridge Family," and he had a reality show recently, showcasing how drunk he likes to get. I like me some Danny Bonaduce, I can't help it. I was at a red light when I saw him walking down Melrose, so I had time to watch him. He is kind of short, but very muscular.

Anyway, the reason I was out was to try YET AGAIN to find an apartment closer to work. We had a place pretty much lined up, but then the stupid taxes thing came up, so we panicked and decided we couldn't possibly afford to move anywhere, since landlords always want first, last, security and your grandmother's left eyeball to move in. But then my smart friend Rosie Papaya pointed out that the taxes we owe aren't due till April, and we have managed to save $5,000 in two months, so we could save all that up again by the time the taxes are actually due. So, technically, we COULD find an apartment and pay a landlord the first/last/eyeball.

So I went to the busy part of town yesterday in the early afternoon, not even THINKING about the fact that I had to drive past the OSCARS once again. What is wrong with me? I drove past the entry to the red carpet Monday through Friday last week on my way to work. I CURSED that red carpet for holding up my commute. Then it's Sunday, Academy Awards day, and I get in my car all, "Oh I'll just jaunt on over to West LA. No problem!"

Fortunately they had divided up the road, and only if you had a pink sticker on your car could you drive down Hollywood Blvd., and somehow that made the traffic tolerable. I drove past many SUVs and limos with pink stickers, and of course I was completely uncool trying to look thru the tinted windows to see who was inside, and of course I saw nothing.

So then the irony is that without even trying I saw a big major star the likes of Danny Bonaduce.

At any rate the apartment was $300 more than we already pay, and in the most crowded area possible. Besides, I keep thinking that moving to a new place is SPENDING, which breaks our rules for the year.


In other news, it'll be time to do my roots with the $9 hair dye again, so prepare for that trauma. My eyebrows have gotten ridiculous; you do not know how I miss Damone, my brow guy. And I know it's only February, but could I be any sicker of my clothes? I look like a ragamuffin. I wish grunge were back, so I could fit in better.

In more uplifting news, next Sunday is my favorite holiday, LA Marathon Day! I will expound upon that soon. It is the best day ever, until they invent Barry Gibb Presents You with Baby Kittens Day.


Uncle Omar said...

Danny Bonaduce. So big deal. We once had a brief conversation with Francis Ford Coppola in Aspen. And, we know where Jack Nicholson's house is in Aspen, too. Or at least where it used to be--he might have sold it for 23 gazillion dollars.

June Cutoff Cash said...

That IS exciting, Uncle O. And I finally figured oout who you are by those comments, as well.

June Cutoff Cash said...

P.S. To Uncle Omar: You forgot to mention your exciting host-on-QVC celeb sighting!

i'm not lisa said...

First of all...I LOVE LOVE LOVE your house. Your house has such a nice warm feeling to it. What does Norah Jones say? Feels like home. Also,that first month, last month, security deposit, Grandma's eyeball, front tooth, 1980's CD collection, right leg rent business is just TOO MUCH.I think you should stay at your beautiful house...with your beautiful yard. The last thing I'd like to say is Danny Bonaduce? EEK GADS! He creeps me out. Let's see...I met Cheryl Ladd and her two dogs. I met Bo Derek. I talked to Rick James once. Bob Seger said hi to me. I also had dinner with Hank Williams Jr. and his daughters. I met Morgan Freeman. I met John Cougar Mellencamp. But the best of all ...Chris Isaak gave me hug!

Kelly Garrett said...

To I'm Not Lisa:

I'm freaking out that you met the one and only Cheryl Ladd aka Kris Munroe. I've heard that she is a delight.

i'm not lisa said...

Cheryl Ladd was simply delightful...and so were her dogs!

sabrina duncan said...

Again, I say: where oh where is this mysterious city?

And moving is not spending. Moving is saving - gas, time, the atmosphere...

Kelly, remember we already know Cheryl. She's our sista in crime solving.

Rosie Papaya said...

On feeling like a ragamuffin: Let's have a clothing exchange. It's a fun way to get a fabulous "new" outfit for free (sorry about the alliteration).

June Cutoff Cash said...

Yes, Sabrina, I have kept it under wraps pretty tightly. I guess I got over my paranoia.

And Rosie, that sounds great except for the part where you are a size zero and I am a size 409.

i'm not lisa said...

Hey...it just Tony Orlando and Dawned on me....are Kelly and Sabrina Charlie's Angels??? I never watched the show...but the name Sabrina sounds a wee bit familar. I knew Cheryl Ladd was an angel but I didn't know her name was Kris Munroe.

June Cutoff Cash...I would be so sad if you moved away from your lovely house.You could go to the library and check out CDs and learn how to speak Spanish or something on your way to work. Perhaps the drive wouldn't seem so long. It wouldn't make the gas prices any less, however.