Thursday, January 4, 2007

Marvin Gardens Accidentally Spends

Well. Poor Marvin Gardens. I came home from work today, and he was decidedly sheepish.

He had gone to get a haircut (which for him is acceptable, since he has a job and the '80s are over), and when he was done, the hairdresser said, "How about some gel?" and he said, "Sure! I'm out of gel!" Then on the way home he thought crap, I just spent money.

Now, really, I think gel is pretty okay. We have to maintain SOME self-care, right? So I don't think it's such a mistake. But it is scary how you just spend without thinking.

...I have had a lot of people at work asking me specifics about our year of not spending. So, to reiterate, no restaurants and no pre-made food. This means no already-cooked chickens at the grocery store, no bakery items, stuff like that. I say potato chips and rice cakes (sue me. I really like rice cakes) are acceptable, as I would never in a million years try to make a rice cake.

Anyway, so far I have done well, as has poor Marvin, despite the gel debacle.


Adeline Dimond said...

I think not letting yourself get the pre-cooked chickens is pretty harsh.

Lisa said...

Having lived through his non gel afro years I would say gel is really a necessary

Lisa said...

I would be interested in your reader's opinion on whether buying girl scout cookies from your niece should be an exception to the no spending rule.

Sabrina Duncan said...

Girl Scout cookies are not a valid expenditure.

However, Charlie or Bosley could buy the GS cookies and send them to June & Marvin.

noneemac said...

I agree: Girl Scout cookies are verboten in 2007. Ditto the potato chips, for two reasons: one, they're so easy to make at home (and healthier, too, as you will bake them rather than plunging them into the fat vat). And two, the markup on potato chips is HUGE. There's no way they can't be considered frivolous.

Incidentally, making your own tortilla chips is just the same deal. Rather than spending $2.89 on a bag of them suckers, you go down to the 99 Cents Only store and buy a 50-pack of corn tortillas. Slice them into sixths, douse them with a little veg oil and salt, and bake at 325 degrees until crisp. Then squeeze some lime juice on them little critters, and ... consume sans guilt.

A dollar for the tortillas, another dollar or two for some limes and that oil -- you've got yourself about 20 bux worth of chips at the store-bought price!