Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I've been electronically mugged

I am so irritated I could spit. Yesterday I was at work, and right before lunchtime I thought, "I'm gonna go online and see how much is in my checking account." I was going to gloat a bit about how much I still have in there right now.

Well, I noticed a $40 charge that had occurred the night before. I can tell you with certainty that if I were spending right now, I'd have blown off that $40 charge (and two $1 handling charges). I probably would have passed them off to being something I had recently bought and it was just showing up in my account. (Handling charges. How phony is that? Ooo, it costs money for us to handle this! Yeah, right.)

So, next to my $40 charge and the two $1 phony handling charges was an 800 number to someplace called like chargecom. net or something. So I called the number and found out someone got ahold of my real name, my ATM card, AND the three-digit number on the BACK of my ATM card and then helped themselves to $40 worth of adult entertainment. (Plus two $1 handling fees.) (So to speak.)

Well, THIS adult certainly isn't entertained. I cannot fathom how this happened. And for the SECOND TIME in less than two years.

What is the POINT of saving a bunch of money if someone is going to STEAL all of it?

Anyway, I called the bank and filed a police report and everything. I wondered if someone got my identity from this blog, but how? At any rate, if you actually know me and make a comment on this thing, please do not leak any info on me (my name, my city, my work) cause at this point I am completely paranoid. And for good reason!

But the good news is it got found out right away, and it is absolutely because I am spending no money and I know every cent I have. Which is kind of exciting.

So, sorry this was such an angry blog. Fortunately, I have to dye my hair out of a box soon and I think I will scan photos of my 1988 spiral perm next time I write. Maybe I will do a before and after picture of whatever color I use to ruin my hair. If anyone is out there and knows what will happen if I use dye to cover highlights and lowlights, please let me know.


Yeah, definitely not Lisa, yeah said...

This wouldn't have happened if you were wearing pajamas full-time.

Anonymous said...

Huh? Even if they had all that stuff, they didn't have your PIN, right? How could they use the card? Unless it's one of those combination ATM and debit cards, that functions just like a credit card. In that case, it was probably from somewhere you used the card before, that's usually what happens (and there's just as much chance it was from a physical purchase as a computer-based one). You are very lucky you only got taken for a small amount, and that you caught it when you did and were able to head them off at the pass. "Serendipitous Gloating" would be a great band name.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Cash,
If you use a dark color to cover your highlights you risk the possibility of turning the highlighted strands green. Unfortunately, I know this from experience. One suggestion is to go red first. And ALWAYS do a strand test.

June Cutoff Cash said...

Green!? Thanks, anon.

Now I have to be a redhead? Hmmm. Marvin Gardens has a thing for redheads...

sabrina duncan said...

So did the bank give you your money back? How does that work? Did you order a new card? Was the adult entertainment entertaining (since you called it)? Did Marvin Gardens do it?

Anonymous said...

I had highlights once and when I had them covered with dark dye (professionallY,my highlights turned a lovely lilac color, while the rest of my hair turned the color it was supposed to.