Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mouse Tale

I can assure you that we were not the winners of cow bingo. All I know is that they expected the cow to poop at noon, and she held off till 3:00. I would too if everyone in town were watching me.

In other news, I went to see Miss Lilly yesterday, as I do every Tuesday and Thursday. We were listening to her book on tape -- and I must tell you that plot is getting exciting. The other day our chapter ended with a man coming up behind our heroine, and you could hear Miss Lilly and me going, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" all the way down the hall.

So we're listening to our story yesterday when I noticed a MOUSE run into her ROOM! I wish there had been a camera trained on me. Cause I know I sat there, shocked and motionless, for a good minute at least. Now, Miss Lilly is blind, so she had no CLUE what was happening. After a minute, the dang thing poked its nose out from behind her dresser (the mouse, not Miss Lilly) and I turned off that tape.

"Miss Lilly. There is a MOUSE in here."

"Whaaaaattt!?!" Her eyes were huge.

"I am gonna go get help. He's way over on the other side of the room. Are you scared?"


So I ran RIGHT PAST that mouse, and I totally gave it the "tell it to the hand" flick of my wrist, like it was gonna understand that. "Oh, that person with all the hair is telling me to tell it to the hand. Well, then I won't jump on her leg. Glad she signaled me."

It seemed like every nurse in the place was missing. What if there had been a real emergency? I'm sure poor sightless Miss Lilly, stuck in her room with vermin, felt like it was a real emergency. Finally, I found everyone in this office, where I think they were trying to convince a family to stick their mom in there or something. I signaled wildly. I didn't want to screw up their sale.

I got help and stood at Miss Lilly's door, telling her they were gonna get that mouse out of there right away. I would not have crossed that threshold for a million bucks. And do you know that thing kept CREEPING out and LOOKING at me?

At this point, Miss Lilly was thinking this was hilarious. I kept telling her where the mouse was, and how it was still nowhere near her. Finally some really brave nurse came in and just moved stuff till she saw it.

I kept thinking of my no-nonsense friend Lisa, who grew up in the country. She would totally have moved furniture too. She would have picked up that mouse by its squirmy tail and thrown it outside and gone on with her day. She is also able to puke at work and go on with her workday.

I am not so tough.

So, I have to go back there tomorrow. I am thinking of leaving my purse in my car. I am also thinking of taking one of the cats with me.

I will not be eating cheese at any point between now and then.


Anonymous said...

Is that place fully licensed? Did they catch the mouse? Wouldn't you hate to sleep there all night wondering if it was crawling up your bedspread. I hope Miss Lilly knows it is gone if it is.

M.I. Susan Harris said...

I was working in my basement office the other day and a mouse ran right over my bare feet. You should have seen me jump. And I'm not even afraid of mice. We caught the little guy and put him outside. If you come visit me, bring all your cats. I probably shouldn't have told you this because now you'll never come visit.

Patty said...

This exchange tells me you belong in the South (this from a Southerner):
"Miss Lilly. There is a MOUSE in here."

"Whaaaaattt!?!" Her eyes were huge.

"I am gonna go get help. He's way over on the other side of the room. Are you scared?"

Welcome home!

Lara said...

It was probably there for therapy, probably the nursing home pet and you just had it "disposed of"! You better take your cats let them visit every single resident! Just kidding I'm sure rodents are part of the feel good program! :)

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Bring the cats. I repeat, bring the cats. Poor blind Miss Lily deserves that, at the very least.

And why do you crack me up every day? LOVE how you write.

June Cutoff Cash said...

Master Instructor Susan Harris,

You have just won the award for "most no-nonsense friend of June's."

A MOUSE RAN OVER your BARE FEET!?!?!?!?! And you did not die right there?

You are right. I will never visit. You'll have to send more photos of the dog to entice me.

amy drake said...

oh, how i have missed the internet. and your blog. i've caught up on the front page of your transition, and i sort of feel your pain.

sure, i'm freezing right now, but i still wish that there were a store that sold POPSICLES and POPSICLES only, like there was in Nashville.

I hate rodents so I am purposefully avoiding that topic. :)

No nonsense Lisa said...

It was a bitter cold winter night just before Christmas about 3 years ago and an itty bitty baby mouse the size of a quarter ran from under the dishwasher, across the kitchen floor, through the dining room and into the living room RIGHT OVER EMMA'S LEGS and right under the Christmas tree skirt. (How is that for a run on sentence?) I caught that itty bitty baby mouse with my bare hands. I put it in a Mason jar, I poked holes in the lid, of course. It was so cold that night that I didn't want to let it go outside so....a friend of mine let it go in a woodpile in the basement of Woody O'Brien's. are right. I just would've caught the mouse in Lilly's room and put him outside.
I do think you should take Mr. Winston to visit Lilly!!

Someday you should ask me about my no nonsense story about the snake.

June Cutoff Cash said...

Yay! Amy Drake is back.

Moving to another region sucks. Too much adjusting.

And of COURSE you picked up the mouse, NNL. Weren't you afraid of getting bitten?

The Hotfessional said...

Ooooh, I like mice. And rats. I raised 20 rats when the damn pet store sold me "2 males" that were, um, NOT both male.

Tee said...

I had to laugh, but the mouse at the nursing home/assisted living facility. I would think the state would be extremely upset of that one issue. Take a mouse trap and catch the darn thing. Poor Miss Lilly having to live there knowing she has a mouse in her room. That would be enough to keep me awake all night. We had a mouse camped out in our stove when we first moved into our house (30 years ago). The stove had been stored in hubby's workshop while the house was being built and I suppose the mouse found the stove quite cozy. We finally caught him--with a trap.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As you know Marvins grandmother lives in a facility that is an old mansion. Mice are for sissies. The home is in a wooded area near a lake. They caught a bat there (not the first time) last summer. I was wondering what they were taking out of there to release behhind the place. Dont think I will go up to the top floor in the near future.