Thursday, October 11, 2007

Karma is Foor Me

Do you see this rather tasteless photo? This is what comes up if you Google my real name. This is what they pulled out to show me at my interview yesterday.

Why couldn't it be a picture of me saving kittens or singing to orphans? I had to be making fun of some dead guy. Somewhere, Mr. Foor is having the last laugh.


Bronwyn said...

WHAT? Well, it was an ad agency... did they like it? Or were they not impressed. Hmph. How did it go, I'm sure I'm not the only one waiting to hear!

June Cutoff Cash said...

They actually DID seem to think it funny, B. I was mortified. Marvin Gardens took it off the Internet today, so in case any other interviewer gets any bright ideas. Yeesch! No privacy anymore!

Other than that, they liked me, I think. I was there more than two hours, and they did the "sure sign" thing of showing me around the office, which is so fancy and trendy and beautiful.

Looking back, I did a lot of my nervous, talky, trying to be funny thing. So I hope that does not work against me. But then again, do I want to work so far away?

This is the longest comment ever and it is from the writer of the blog. Is that a faux pas?

Bronwyn said...

Not a faux pas, I'm sure everyone was waiting to hear how it went! I'm sure you did much better than you think! If they showed you around and all. And no one wastes 2 hours if they aren't super interested. What's the job like?

Oh, and for what it's worth, every single interview I've ever had, I come away thinking I sounded like a nervous lunatic. The only interview I didn't do that at was the only job where I didn't get an offer!

Anonymous said...

Good grief! I'm laughing, and I'm glad they seemed to have a sense of humor about it.

How do you even get something off the internet? I would have no idea.

I hope you get it if you want it! Was it a two hour drive?

Linda .. the Aussie one! said...

Ummm .. so are you seriously considering giving up your two hour commute to work in CA for a two hour commute to work in NC?

Oh you must have chocked when they showed you that pic at the interview. he he

dcrmom said...

How the HECK did they get that? And WHY the heck is that picture on the internet to begin with?

Well, let us know when you hear anything!! Will you move to accommodate the commute?

Bronwyn said...

After I read this I went and googled my name under google images. There is only one picture of me that comes up, in a group of crazy people jumping into the Black River in WI in March. It was for CHARITY! I had clothes on!

Charlie said...

That is just too funny. They'd be crazy not to hire you now! I'd hire someone just for that photo.

Nancy said...

When I google my name in google images, and include the state I live in (okay, it's not really a state) I get this old lady who paints tacky watercolors and lives here too. she even has a website that IS my full name